Wellness Tips for Aquarius Season

Wellness Tips for Aquarius Season
Now that the Sun is in the Air sign of Aquarius through February 18, you may feel yourself gravitating towards the unique and original in your health regimen. In fact, you're likely to be turned on by thoughts and ideas now more than ever. And while your Aquarian mental pursuits may get a boost, there could be consequences for your physical well-being if you don't focus on your body as much as you should.

For example, it's easier to become so wrapped up in thought during the Sun's current transit through Aquarius that you might overlook making a healthy meal or scheduling in an exercise routine. Yet, physical nourishment is key to mental acuity -- let alone strong overall health -- so it's important to not forget the body for the mind.

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As Aquarius also relates to the avant-garde, this is a good time to incorporate vibrational healing into your self-care repertoire. Whether it be reiki, acupuncture, homeopathy, or flower essences, practices and remedies that address the body's bioenergetics system can do much to help rebalance your circuitry and enlighten your well-being now.

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Finally, with all the electrifying energy circulating during this time, it may be worthwhile to stem your intake of caffeine. If switching to decaf isn't in the cards for you, try swapping out a cup of coffee for green tea or yerba mate, each of which can provide a smoother lift in addition to nutrient benefits.

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