What are your Weight Watchers secrets?

To begin, let me be clear: Weight Watchers has nothing to do with this post. They didn't pay me or the site or even lure us with promises of a one-on-one sesh with the divine Jennifer Hudson. This is in no way sponsored. What it is, however, is a chance for you to be the experts and tell us exactly how you are making this one weight-loss program work for you.

Nearly a year since their new Points Plus program was launched, I have so many friends on Weight Watchers that they could form some kind of svelte tribe, all wielding weapons of plastic measuring cups and little white scales and screaming war cries of devouring 2-point bags of Pop Chips and giant bowls of raw carrots. While none of them are publicizing their goal weights or how many pounds they've gone down (or up) on Facebook, I do see a few Weight Watchers "likes" pop up there every week. That tells me that that they are out there, tallying points and estimating grilled chicken servings with their open palms, and hopefully, feeling energized, fit and good in their bodies.

I have a love-hate relationship with WW. I've been on it. Many times. In meetings, I've laughed, sighed, rolled my eyes, been inspired, endured the inevitable group therapy, and sometimes even pretended to be filling my water bottle and ditched. I was a staff weigher in college -- those glorious days when I could subsist on beer and nachos and somehow still lose weight. I've made it work and I've also made it fail miserably. I don't advocate the program for all these reasons -- it's completely personal. Like any attempt to get healthier, I think this system can be fabulous if you are mindful, honest, don't starve yourself, don't get down on yourself because of a bad day or ice-cream craving, and don't cheat yourself out of the opportunity to get to a better place (whether that is in your kitchen, on your bathroom scale, in your body, in your head, or all of it). If it is the right way for you, then that is awesome. If something else fits your life and conditions and situation better, that is great, too.

Since we know that doing this kind of thing always works better with support from friends both virtual (and across the table), let's offer all those nameless ladies we know (or may be ourselves) our very best tips and cheers.

Tell us! What' are your best bits advice and favorite secrets to share about how to make Weight Watchers work?

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