What celebrities tweeted right after their hearts went out to Boston

Nothing can stop "Bachelor" Sean Lowe from dancing (and tweeting about it.)

Some celebrities really stepped up in the wake of the Boston Marathon bombing, using their names and their expansive social networks to raise awareness and aid for a city in crisis. Ben Affleck, Mark WalhbergSophia Bush, and even Justin Bieber have taken a break from promoting their latest projects on Facebook and Twitter, in order to meditate on the tragedy. But for some stars, the break was short-lived.  Here's a collection of celebrity tweets posted soon after after they tweeted prayers for victims of the Boston bombing. 

Two hours after Kylie Jenner tweeted #pray4boston, she posted this:

Last night, Candace Cameron Bure tweeted, "Im shocked to to hear about a bomb at the Boston Marathon and deaths confirmed. Praying..." An hour later, she took a moment away from praying to post this. 

On Monday evening, "Real Housewives of New Jersey" star Teresa Guidice was "Thinking, praying, hoping for every Bostonian." This morning she had other things on her mind.

About 24 hours ago, "Real Housewives of New York" star Sonja Morgan tweeted "God Bless the police for finding 3rd bomb that went off 1 hr after the first 2." Her next tweet was equally grateful. 

What a difference a day makes for Lauren Conrad. Yesterday she wrote "My thoughts and prayers are with everyone in Boston today." This morning there were other things to consider. 


And lest we forget "Jersey Shore's" Sammi Sweetheart. Here are her back-to-back tweets in the past 24 hours. 

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"Bachelor" Sean Lowe sent this Twitter message on Monday:

 And five hours later...

In Sean's defense, maybe he just thinks if we stop voting for "Dancing with the Stars" the terrorists have won.