What Chicken Nuggets Are Really Made Of

Photo credit: Gizmodo.com

Those who like to know what's in their food may be in for a big surprise if they look behind the scenes in production facilities making chicken nuggets (or bologna or hot dogs). What they will find when seeking the "chicken" in their nuggets is the pink soft-serve-like paste above, according to Gizmodo.com.

The image above (courtesy of Gizmodo.com) features mechanically separated chicken, or chicken and chicken bones that have been mechanically separated and churned into goop. Hardly the "white meat" we imagine, it can also contain bacteria, so after the process showcased above, ammonia may be added to kill the bacteria, which, as you might imagine, changes the taste of the "meat" considerably. So, once the paste is formed into familiar shapes, it is dyed and artificially flavored to taste like chicken, according to Daniel Fletcher, a food scientist at University of Connecticut.

We're curious: Does knowing how these foods are created change your opinion of them?

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Reprinted with permission of Hearst Communications.