Is this smile real, or fake? (Photo: Getty Images)A British survey has found that the average adult smiles about seven times a day -- including one smile that is totally, utterly fake.

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The poll, conducted by British toothpaste company BlanX, noted that the fake smile was usually reserved for the workplace and directed toward the boss. (Luckily for them, research shows that even a fake smile can help reduce stress.)

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"We don’t smile as much as we thought the UK would -- an average of seven and a half times each every day," BlanX spokesperson Louise Marks told the Daily Mail. "That’s not a lot when you think about how many people we come in contact with every day."

The toothpaste company queried 2,000 adults and found that the most cheery among them smiled about 11 times a day. Grouchy people limited themselves to a single smile.

Twenty percent of those polled admitted that they had smiled at a truly in appropriate moment -- during a funeral -- and nearly 50 percent copped to grinning during a heated argument.

"The one thing that did come out of the survey though, is that a genuine, big smile from someone we care about has the power to transform our day no matter what kind of mood we are in," Marks said. "When our lover flashes us a big, bright white, toothy smile it just melts our hearts, our research has found."

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