What the Puck? The Health Benefits of Women's Hockey

Why Not Try Women's Hockey?

By a Hockey Mom and Cardiologist for GalTime.com

Let's go Bruins! I was watching the game with my family and friends and S C O R E Bruins are in the Stanley Cup finals! I realized how many people of all ages love hockey. I also realized it's a growing women's and family sport. I personally love my yoga. My husband says that the ice is his yoga. My boys were born with skates practically and both play hockey intensely in the North East, competing in Canada frequently. Our cat is named Puck after the game the family seems to love.

So why not explore the health benefits of hockey for the ladies??

First off, hockey is available 12 months of the year and a game or lesson takes 45 minutes and done, perfect for a busy lady. It is a great cross training sport and has a "P90 X" effect in that you use different muscles in every shift of the game.
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Hockey is a burst energy sport in that you are on the ice for 45 second to 90 second shifts and off. Your heart rate stays high for the game and about 30 minutes afterward you're still burning calories.

Because of the skates you are able to use your big muscles in your legs to burn a lot of energy... and just take the skating stride alone-great for toning the legs and butt!

Your upper body gets a terrific work out with the stick handling and shooting, all while balancing your core.

All in all , depending upon your fitness level you can burn 400-500 calories per session in a quick paced game.

Second, hockey is a social sport and has many mental health benefits for women. The sense of team provides a social network, plus a great workout. Many studies have shown a great reduction in stress when people play team sports.
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Also, the equipment is the great equalizer for body types. Many women (including yours truly) can put on running shorts or a bathing suit and think "UGGGGH" I am so exposed! Not in hockey gear. Hide that extra cellulite while you work it off; self consciousness be gone!

Lastly, imagine your significant other in the stands for a change watching YOU!! Hockey can be a family sport and all levels can enjoy the game.

My current status, I can only skate forward and do rudimentary crossovers. Maybe I will have my boys coach me a bit and pad up. I bet in the hot summer 45 minutes on the ice can be terrific. Lets go Bruins! S C O R E !
What do you think about hockey for women? Would you try it?

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