Where are my leg warmers? Jane Fonda is back

I have this wonderful/frightening feeling that there is a group of really hardcore, old school fitness ladies -- the aerobics originals, if you will -- who are still devoted to rewinding and then pushing play to sweat to the oldies every morning.

These women will probably live forever, and leading them forward on the march to firmer rumps and countless leg lifts will most certainly be Jane Fonda. At 72, she has just released two new fitness DVDs, has an upcoming book on aging fabulously, and would like to get moving on her own television series. Her last workout video was released in 1995.

Fonda's pointing her jazz-shoed toe at Baby Boomers, who she'd like to see get more active in the "third act" of their lives.

"It's the worst thing a person could do when they're older is to say, 'Why bother now? I'm older. I don't need to," she said. "I'm on this crusade to get older people out of the chairs, off their couches, moving in a way that's safe, easy and very doable even if they've never done it a day in their lives. It's never too late."

According to my mom, who is herself a Boomer, Jane Fonda is too skinny for her age. I personally think that lady (not my mom, this time) could kick my ass Basic T Step-Hop in the Corner showdown. I also think Jane Fonda looks and sounds pretty much the same as she always has, perhaps with just a few less shiny leotards and a few more cliches thrown into the conversation.

"You get a little wiser as you get older. You've been there, don't that. You know it's not going to kill you. You've survived it before," Fonda went on. "You tend to make lemonade out of lemons instead of mountains out of mole hills."

The funny thing is, this quote could be taken right out of my mom's mouth -- just about dealing with men or a boss or financial struggles. Instead, it's just good old, apparently too-skinny Jane, preaching on her projects, the biz, and possibly, why doing another set of grapevines isn't the end of the world after all.

Want a sneak peek at her video. Check out Jane 2.0 here, then tell us: Would you workout Jane Fonda-style?