Why Women Care More About Their Looks Than Their Health

Your health matters too!Your health matters too!Scary new research out of the University of Missouri: Scientists have discovered that young women are more interested in how they look over how healthy they are.

By Korin Miller

Researchers conducted several focus groups of college-aged women and discovered that they paid more attention to calorie counting instead of making sure that they ate a balanced diet. As a result, they're not always getting the nutrition that they need.

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What's up with that? Nutritionists say that a lack of time to prepare a good meal and unhealthy food environments are to blame. They also said that a lot of women might not know how to make a healthy meal, either.

Sure, we know it can be tough to eat healthy sometimes-especially when you don't have much time to cook-but it's important to take care of yourself. Try these little tricks to add more nutrition to your diet when you're in a bind.

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