A Woman was Kicked Out of the Gym for Doing WHAT?

by Lexi Petronis

CN Digital StudioCN Digital StudioThe gym sometimes reminds me of an airport. Not, sadly, because they both have the ability to take you to a sunny beach somewhere, but because you're often with people you don't know, in small quarters, and so you're up close and personal with whatever habits they have.

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And, you know, sometimes gyms have specific rules in order to quell those habits-as one woman found out the hard way! Tina Santoro Asmar had her membership to a Planet Fitness gym in Boston revoked after she accepted a call on her cell while working out on the elliptical trainer. (Cell phones are allowed in the lobby but not in the gym itself-as posted signs remind gymgoers.) Asmar says the call was from her doctor, and she needed to take it, but the gym manager asked her to hang up. Things apparently got heated, with Asmar claiming the manager spoke to her rudely and gym staff saying that it was Asmar who was belligerent. A spokesperson for Planet Fitness says that the gym has had several cell-phone-related incidents with Asmar-thus the eventual yoinking of the membership.

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Cell-phone chatting is definitely distracting when you're working out-does your gym have a policy against it? Here's another habit I don't love: When you're the only person on a long row of treadmills and someone decides to work out on the machine right next to yours. I get that a lot of us develop a special affinity for a particular machine, but still. Give me some room to sweat here!

What gym habits get on your nerves? And what about this cell-phone thing?

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