Workout Equipment You Should Be Using

Headed to the gym? Here are three pieces of equipment (and five moves to go with) you should start using right now!

1. Foam roller chest press:
Foam rollers are not only great for easing sore muscles, but they're also an excellent tool for taking your workout to the next level. Try doing a standard chest press laying lengthwise on the roller for an added balance challenge.
You can use this same technique with overhead triceps presses, pec flys, and any other strength move you typically do on your back.

2. Foam roller glute-hamstring press:
Find a clean spot on your gym floor to lie on your back (if your gym is anything like mine, this might be tricky). Place both feet on the foam roller with knees slightly bent. Lift your butt as high off the ground as you can and without letting your butt drop, pull the roller in towards your butt and then push it back out again. You should feel this down the backs of your legs, your butt, and even your calves.
Variation: Try straightening one leg and lifting it off the roller like Krista in this picture. Don't forget to switch sides though-no one wants an uneven butt!

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3. Medicine ball plank:
Place both hands on the ball (either on the handles or the top in a diamond shape) and do a pushup. The instability will make you work harder to stay balanced, and the placement of your hands will target your outer shoulders and forearms when flanged outward (shown here) or will hit your triceps if you keep your elbows tucked in close to your ribs.
Try doing a plyo push-up by lifting the ball off the ground when you push back up to the top. The ball will cushion your landing, but be careful not to fall off of it.

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4. Sliding ab pike
: With both feet on sliders in the plank position, bring your knees in to your chest as shown. Keep your butt low and extend your legs back out to plank. Variation: To really work your abs, keep your legs straight and lift your butt into the air for a sliding pike.

5. Sliding inchworm:
This one move works your shoulders, arms, quads, back, and abs! Start in plank position with both feet on either one or two sliders. Raise your hips and stick your butt up into the air as you pull both feet in towards your hands. Then, walk your hands forward until you are back in plank position.
: Put the sliders under your hands instead of your feet for a new challenge.

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