Would you wear Spanx to the gym?

Spanx takes on activewear. Photo by SpanxSpanx takes on activewear. Photo by SpanxSpanx used to be a taboo garment you wore on special occasions under a dress to smooth out your lumps and bumps, but ever since celebrities admitted to wearing them the shapewear industry has taken off. It is now worth a whopping $812.5 billion.

There are shapewear items for thighs, hips, butts, bellies, legs, arms, and even men's packages (seriously). There are special maternity Spanx and Spanx for swimming. Two "Real Housewives of New York" stars even have their own shapewear lines-Jill Zarin's Skweeze Couture and Bethenny Frankel's Skinnygirl Smoothers n' Shapers.

The latest from Spanx is activewear, which comes in the form of leggings, bike shorts, wrap skirts, yoga pants, tanks, and even socks that "support your arch and keep your feet cool." They range from an XS to an XL. We're sure there are Spanx devotees who will be wild about the new shapewear, but we have a few issues with Spanx gym clothes:

  • First, the slogan: "Super comfortable, super effective." Effective at what exactly? Making you look like you've worked out more than you really have?
  • The description: "Your new favorite work out and about pants feature a SPANX-Exclusive, the
    Slim-X® Bagel-Buster!" So don't worry if you eat a bagel before your workout-no one will be able to tell (except maybe your body).
  • Spanx aren't very comfortable and may hinder movement and flexibility.
  • We like seeing our soft spots jiggle around when working out-it's incentive to target these areas and push ourselves that much harder!
  • On that note, people wear Spanx as a quick fix to look leaner. Some may not feel the need to exercise as much when wearing garments that suck them in.
  • They're extremely tight and not very breathable. Not good for sweating, and you'll have to wash them a lot.
  • They're expensive. $68 for shorts or tanks, and $118 for pants.

What do you think? Would you consider wearing Spanx products to the gym?

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