For Years I Wanted to Lose Weight!

Before I had my son in 1990 I never had a weight problem. After that I always had problems losing the weight, but feeling sorry for myself never helped, it just made me gain more weight. I'd go to the gym and get frustrated because I wouldn't lose weight, but gain because muscle is heavier then fat. People would always say you are beautiful but would never say anything good about my body and I knew it was because I was overweight. In the morning before work I'd change several times before I'd feel comfortable in my clothes. I'd notice all the weight loss commercials and wonder if they'd really work. So one day I woke up and said to myself, what the heck am I going to today to change how I feel and there I was at work and saw an article in the paper for a weight loss program so decided to check it out online, which is called Quick Weight Loss and decided to email them and make an appointment. That was the first step and it felt good. That was before the weekend and decided to make the appointment for the following Tuesday so I could treat myself for the last time on the weekend. From the 1st time I went in there I felt so comfortable. The people working there are so nice. After that, I said to myself, I can do this as long as I listen to what they are telling me and don't listen to anyone else outside the program. After doing this and being good and following the program, I reached my goal weight within the 12 week program and now I am where I want to be and it only took 21 years to get there. I lost 37 lbs. and am now a size 6 waist when for all those years I was a size 12. I am so proud of myself and thank Quick Weight Loss for all their help and for continuing to help me with my journey. You just need the WILL POWER and the CONFIDENCE to reach out for help. It's your health and just need to take the steps to achieve your goals!

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Before I Lost Weight

After I lost 35 lbs.