A Yoga Move to Give "The Girls" a Lift

By Yoga By Sadie Nardini E-RYT, for GALTime.com
That's right. Yoga, beyond being an incredible lifestyle and balanced-living practice, can also do wonders for our lady parts! Depending on your cup size, you might start to sag with age. However, underlying the breast tissue are layers of muscle.

We're going to target the pectoral muscles, large pads directly under the breasts that will provide you with the biggest difference in the shortest amount of time. These work exactly the same as bra pads, except they keep you looking great even when the bra comes off. And it's free.

The bottom line? Pump up your pecs, and everything else that lies on top of them will elevate too. That means a firmer, more youthful looking chest along with the toned, and detoxed rest of you that a consistent yoga practice can bring.
So, for those of you who want a little lift in the old frontview, forget about all those expensive pushup bras. All you need are some yoga pushups!

Yes, this works for guys, too.

Here's the move:

Half Yoga Pushup

It's a yoga pushup as opposed to a regular pushup, because a lot of attention goes into aligning your body properly, and breathing fully and mindfully along with the movement.
To Do:

yoga pushup for the pecs

Come onto hands and knees with knees under hips and hands under shoulders. Spread your fingers wide, middle fingers and wrists creases point forward. Firm your front abdominal muscles and lengthen through your tailbone so you're not sagging your belly or lower back toward the floor. Think of your torso as one long plank.

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Changing nothing in the arm or torso alignment, walk your knees back a foot. This should cause your abdominals to light on fire. Good sign. Inhale through your nose here, to slow down the breath, and float your shoulders and chest forward in space. If you had a laser beam in the center of your chest, it would now be pointing directly between your thumbs.

On a slow exhale, begin to bend your elbows--and wait!

Yoda pushup for the pecs

Check out your alignment. If you let your elbows slide behind your wrist line when you lower, you'll be working out your elbows, not improving your cleavage. You want to really lean forward so as you lower, elbows stay stacked over the wrists, forearms remain perpendicular to the floor, not angled.

You can lower one inch, or halfway down till your shoulders are at elbow height and your angles are right-angles. This is extremely hard, even for advanced practitioners, so don't be a hero. Higher is extremely effective and you will know this after our reps.

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Once you've exhaled down, hold for three breaths, then press back up on an exhale. That's one round. You can press your hips all the way back to your heels and stretch out the arms in Child's Pose in-between sets.
Do 3-5 sets of your yoga pushups, then rest in Child's Pose for one minute. Then go out there, and rock that plunging neckline!

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