You'll Be Shocked to Hear How Many Men Used ZERO Sunscreen Last Year

Are you sitting down?

According to a recent study by The Skin Cancer Foundation, 49 percent of men in the U.S. admit to not using sunscreen in the past year. Perhaps it's not a surprise that the study also found that men over 50 are twice as likely than women to develop -- and die from -- melanoma.

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While women's anti-aging concerns have them searching for the latest FDA-approved sunscreen, it seems men couldn't care less. Turns out, 70 percent of men don't know what skin cancer warning signs to look for; 79 percent of males are not aware that the recommended amount of SPF per application is one ounce; and 61 percent of men think you should re-apply every four hours instead of every two.

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It's clearly time for an intervention. So the next time your boyfriend, dad, or uncle tries to skip the SPF: Ignore his resistance and slather it on him yourself. It's for his own good, really.

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