Your Cat Doesn't Care About Cat Yoga, You, or Anything

Photo: Dan Borris/Carters News AgencyIf you've caught your cat in a particularly ridiculous stretch and thought, wow, my cat could be a yogi, you are not alone. According to Jeffrey Bussolini, the founder of the Center for Feline Studies, a cat’s movements “are basically a form of yoga, because they are so limber.” He goes on to say that the martial arts and yoga were based in observation and mimicry of animal movements.

Bussolini first realized the connection between cats and yoga when a few of his feline friends tried to join him on the yoga mat. Though he insists the cats “imitated” his poses, it seems more likely they were just looking for some attention. Have you ever tried to type on a laptop with a cat around? It’s impossible.

Though the trend of exercising with one’s dog has caught on, cats are not ideal exercise buddies. As the creators of humor website Yoga Kitty would undoubtedly point out, no matter how hard you try to get your cat to do yoga, they could seriously give a s—t. They have better things to do.

You can see Bussolini’s cats in action at the end of the video below (minute 5:16), which was made as part of VICE magazine’s series on the popularity of cats on the Internet. The Center for Feline Studies, by the way, is run out of Bussolini’s apartment. Though he tries to get the cats involved in the demonstration, they’re like, “Please. I was just stretching. Leave me alone.”

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