You're So Vein: Natural Ways to Make Embarrassing Veins Disappear

Boy, would you just l-o-v-e to rock that miniskirt tonight. But unfortunately your legs have something else in mind. Like pants. The veins popping up in your thighs have got you looking like a kid took a blue ballpoint pen to your stems and went to town.

Don't feel bad, honey. You are not alone. Research suggests that 20 to 25-percent of women suffer from varicose and spider veins, and they can appear at any time in a woman's life. Lucky us, huh?

Varicose What?! Varicose veins occur when a high amount of blood is stressing the veins, failing to circulate the blood properly. These visible, bulging and dilated veins are most common in the legs and thighs. Similarly, spider veins appear like fine, "starbursts" or web-like clusters on the skin's surface like the thighs, ankles or feet.

Why Me?! Infamous for showing up during times like pregnancy, experts claim the antagonistic veins are also a hereditary battle. Other risk factors include a lazy-ass lifestyle, weight gain, and prolonged standing.

But there are some natural ways to get rid of, or hide those suckers. Read on.

#1: Work It. Swimming and walking are both ideal exercises for the circulatory system, while also helping your bod maintain regularity. Walk or swim a few laps for a half-four a few times a week to keep the blood pumping.

#2: Witch Hazel. Soak a cotton cloth in witch hazel to relieve swelling of varicose veins. Its astringent qualities help relieve inflammation.

#3: Avoid Spicy Foods. For you hot mamas, try and cut down your fiery habit. Peppers, particularly cayenne and black pepper, have a reputation for making the situation worse by congesting already constricted veins.

#4. Five-Minute Massage. Every day, pamper yourself with a quick, five minute massage to increase blood flow. Massage deep and hard into your legs, working your way from the bottom up to relieve vein pressure. Get your mind out of the gutter, ladies.

#5. Drink Nettle or Parsley Tea. Don't ask questions. Nettle and parsley are doted for benefiting vein health. Drink a cup of tea a day or toss some parsley into salads.

#6. Raw Onions, Garlic and Leafy Greens. Onions, raw garlic and liquid lecithin are said to benefit vein elasticity. Dark leafy green, okra, oats and wheat germ are also supposed to help with the entire circulatory system.

Authored by Carly Harrill for Healthy b---- Daily. For more tips like these visit