Yunnan Baiyao Mannual

Yunnan baiyao's main ingredient is notoginseng.And it's a greyish yellow to light brown yellow powder. With specific aroma and the somewhat refreshing taste have linen tongue feeling. The insurance sub for the red spherical or spherical Shuiwan of profile was brown or tan. The micro gas, slightly bitter taste.
Yunnan Baiyao Functions and Indications:Stasis to stop bleeding, blood pain, swelling detoxification.For bruises, bleeding, swelling, pain, vomiting blood, coughing up blood, blood in the stool, hemorrhoids blood, the blood uterine bleeding sore swollen poison, and soft tissue contusion, closed fractures, bronchiectasis and tuberculosis, coughing up blood, ulcer bleeding, as well as skin infections.
Yunnan Baiyao Dosage:Knife, gun, bone-setters such injury, regardless of the severity of bleeding water delivery service; bleeding throat and not bloodshed wine delivery service.Gynecological disease wine delivery service, but menorrhagia, red collapse with warm water. Beginning of a sore botch clothing 0.25g, the other to take the powder and mix thoroughly with wine wrap the affected area; such as suppuration, simply taken orally. Oral, adults 0.25 ~ 0.5g / (2 to 5-year-old adult dose of 1/4, 5 to 12-year-old adult dosage taking 1/2), 4 times / day. Whenever bruises heavier clothing insurance sub 1, minor injuries and other illnesses do not have service.
The Yunnan Baiyao Note:
Uses during pregnancy: Medication within 1 day, avoid eating beans, fish and cold-acid foods.
The Yunnan Baiyao specifications: Powder. The capsules.
Yunnan Baiyao Category: Procoagulant drugs