zoe moon astrologyLet's focus on the opportunities that are opening up in the first week of April :) That's right babies, I said OPPORTUNITIES!!!

The week ahead for ARIES: The week ahead gives you a chance to stop being such a leader, so active and courageous, and to start getting more touchy/feely by way of some needlepoint and hymnals....April Fools! Hehe, sorry, couldn't resist, as if you would stop forging ahead with courage and bold action! Your week does hold

Monday they lay in your ability to listen or speak up, communicating about what it is you are all about, what you need, what you can contribute, and what you want to DO about things. If you need to sign something, negotiate, write it up, or sell it, focus in today.

The week ahead for TAURUS: The week ahead gives you a chance to throw everything out with the bathwater and start living more frugally with the minimum of comfort while you make quick decisions on a whim....April Fools! Hehe, couldn't resist, as if you could ever forgo beauty in life or do anything half way! Your week does hold

Tuesday and Wednesday the opportunities flow if you set goals and do what you can to develop them, work behind the scenes, bring your artistic talents, spiritual insight, romantic touch, or institutional knowledge to bear, and cement something one way or the other regarding the financial prospects, divorce or sexual interest.

The week ahead for GEMINI: The week ahead will give you the opportunity to keep quiet, focus only on one thing and limit all flirtations to a dull thud...April Fools! Bwhahaha! As if, Gemini, you could help from sharing ideas with us or shut one of your twins down, let alone keep that charm under wraps. Your week ahead does hold

Thursday and Friday the opportunities are found with friends, social networking and group activities, online, through astrology or on the behalf of charities, at parties or events, and in pursuit of your aspirations. You may find that breaking free, trying something different or standing up for a cause gets you there too, be in the moment. If any challenges involving the sex life, divorce or financial picture want to pop up this week Thursday will likely be the day so if you have to get real about some of this as well, then do so.

The week ahead for CANCER: The week ahead will be perfect for tossing out all of your books, the family history and unemotionally clearing out your home of anything nostalgic....April Fools! Now that one was funny :) As if you Cancers could ever lay down your protective shield for the past or go about anything without your trademark caring heart! The week really does hold

Saturday is just straight up inspired. The Moon and Neptune merge in the dreamy, mystical waters of imagination and emotion blessing you with a magical infusion of artistry, spirituality, mysticism, romance, and ability to apply yourself behind the scenes in some interesting new direction. If you want to do something at a hospital or to get an addiction under control it's a good day for this as well. Research and investigations get off the ground and the only challenge that might pop up is if you feel yourself slipping into the down side of Neptune getting weepy, depressed or abusing substances, don't go there.

The week ahead for LEO: The week ahead is your cue to dress down, play a supporting role to others in the spotlight and do some tedious repetitious work.... April Fools! Yuck, yuck Leo, as if you would ever hide your light or de-glam your creative spunk in favor of the hohum doldrums. The week ahead does hold

Late Saturday night/early Sunday Mars and Venus get together, hey hey, my my. This makes Saturday night quite the date night and Sunday a great day for enjoying some romance and passion or steering yourself in the direction you need to go to bring this back into your life. The magical Pisces Moon continues to inspire, painting a lovely hue over the day and putting you in touch with your efforts behind the scenes again. Goals can be met and power people accessed, if you would like to harness the Mars/Venus combo to gear things up towards earning money it will help you with this as well. Just don't promise more than you can deliver and if someone promises you the Moon, remember I'm right here, lol! No, seriously, just take care with what people are offering today, it may be great but you want to make sure they or you are not overextended in some way, that's it. Overall, a pretty great and groovious week!

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