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August is upon us and with this month comes a renewed sense of creative direction along with fresh perspectives about love, children and enjoying our lives. This begins in earnest on the 6th with the New Moon in Leo. It is from this day forward over the next 2 weeks that we have the best window to make moves to further our aims in these joyous areas of life.

The month ahead for ARIES: Choose love, creative projects, recreation, or children during the first 3 weeks of August, chances are you can have a lot of what you want with a little effort here. The New Moon on the 6th is your official fresh start giving you 2 weeks to meet new people or start new projects that can have real impact or you may decide to take something current to the next level, all good. Look for love to blossom, creative offers to...(read more)

The month ahead for TAURUS: It's time to go for it when it comes to your home and what you want to open up there or through a move to a new place. It's your time for renovations, real estate deals, home events, property interests, doing things with roommates or family, focusing in on a parent, or setting up the foundations beneath your feet so you feel like you have a ground zero to launch from the rest of the year. This kicks in with real energy on the...(read more)

There may be a new love interest on the horizon for singles out there or you may decide to take up some creative activity that will lead you to this person in the course of the months ahead. If you are in relationship you may find that you can spend more time with your lover now or plan for some romantic getaway or fun activities that bring you closer together. You will also find greater joy with your children or see them excelling in new areas. You will also do well to launch new creative projects, further the ones you have in progress and take up new creative interests.

The month ahead for GEMINI: August brings a big decision or offer your way Gemini. It's a month when you just must get your ideas out there, pour energy into writing projects or agreements, make sales or push a big sale through, and in any way that you are feeling it take things to the next level or open up new opportunities with brothers, sisters, neighbors, a move, vehicles, electronics, or important meetings. You should make a commitment to...(read more)

There will 2 other moments this month when the Leo energy is highly charged and the first one arrives on the 8th when Mercury moves here, bringing with him more news, offers and proposals, agreements or sales, writing or talks, ideas and decisions, that amp up the love life, creative projects, recreational outlets, or what you are doing with children. Siblings may become more involved or neighborhood activities could prove to be your doorway in, short trips will bring more fun and you may be doing things electronically or via your vehicles that tie into all of the fun. Mercury will be here until the 23rd so if you need to say it, ask for it, meet about it, write it, sell it, or sign it, in matters concerning the kids, your love life or creative opportunities, focus during this window of time.

The month ahead for CANCER: You've had a lot on your mind what with Mercury backtracking through your sign in July but August sets you free and puts you into a money-making cycle that should really get you going. It's a creative phase when you have more energy to bring something to life that will earn you income or you may focus on earning from work involving children or focused on love! This begins in full on the 6th with the New Moon and will give you...(read more)

The other moment of interest in the creative, love and children arena will be when Mars enters Leo on the 27th. Mars stirs passion and anger while motivating action so from this day forward things heat up in the love life, with the lover, in the pursuit of love, with the kids, over fun activities, or in your creative projects. You will be highly motivated or reacting to the amped up energy of the other person in the mix during the weeks ahead. This is great for getting the ball rolling but you do want to guard against being too fired up and being argumentative with the ones you love. If you do need to clear the air this will undoubtedly bring it up for you so tread lightly. If you are dating and wondering when things will heat up in the romance department, this is the date to watch!

The month ahead for LEO: Feel like shining your light? Got an added bit of moxy in your pocket, ready to let the world see what you're made of? Well dear Leo, August has your name all over it. This kicks in with vigor on the 6th with the NEW MOON in your sign and gives you an incredible power window of 2 weeks to do something that is all about you or your needs that can open things up for you in the year ahead. It is all about your body and any...(read more)

August has another theme as well that really comes in strong the last week of the month. This is about a focus on your work, health, paperwork, services, or animals. It is the beginning of a period when you will want to put more of your energy into your job assignments or pursuit of work, tackle the details and organize your situation, get cracking on paperwork, more involved with co-workers or hiring people to help out, tackling your health needs, and tending to the animals. There will be 3 days this month when you will be dealing with someone else over any issues here and trying to work out boundaries, wounds or healing. These days arrive on the 1st, 25th and 29th so note that information coming in or coming up on these days is meant to help you to weed through the details and figure out your situation.

The month ahead for VIRGO: Are you chomping at the bit to move ahead on the film, music or art project? Is there something involving a hospital, retreat or other institution that you are ready to launch? Is it about a research opportunity, investigation or development project whose time has come? Or are you ready to pull back, start something romantic, artistic, spiritual, or restful that feeds your soul? The good news is the New Moon energy on the...(read more)

The Sun moves into Virgo on the 22nd followed by Mercury on the 23rd so these days will be when more of your energy will turn to the job, work piling up, paperwork, employees, co-workers, organizing, health, and animals. From here forward you will feel like pouring more of yourself and more of your mental efforts into these subjects. If you've been waiting on an offer or agreement, or are ready to make a decision about these topics it will start to come together now. Because you can see this coming, you may want to give as much of your time to the kids or your lover, having fun or getting your creative projects wrapped up, before this period kicks in because from here forward it may be all work, no play kind of energy.

The month ahead for LIBRA: You are probably already feeling it as the month begins but you will definitely see signs of what is opening up for you big time from the 6th forward. This is going to involve your aspirations, friends, group activities or interests, the internet, social networking, gatherings or events, astrology, charities, causes, your freedom, inventions, visionary ideas, and original approaches. You have 2 powerful weeks to launch or take...(read more)

The month ahead for SCORPIO: If ever there was a month to set your goals high, this is it. Not only do you have a powerful New Moon kicking in on the 6th that opens up a 2 week window to launch business ideas, move up the career ladder, find the right door open to the power people that can help, and strive for achievements, further reputation, or quest for fame, but all of this is occurring during that rare Grand Trine that is meant to push you into a growth...(read more)

Home related matters or anything involving real estate, moves, renovations, roommates, family, or a parent will peak on 2 different days this month. On the 7th you will be dealing with someone powerful over one or more of these subjects and making any big changes you deem necessary or that are being asked of you. Note that Jupiter is involved so there is a level of protection around the evolutionary process going down now.

The month ahead for SAGITTARIUS: The push is on in August for new adventures and greater expansion. This kicks off in earnest from the 6th with New Moon energy that is going to ask that you target travel plans, foreign interests, media ideas, marketing strategies, publishing deals, legal needs, educational pursuits, wedding plans, political agendas, religious inspiration, or publicity. If you look at the entire year it will be this month when you can really take...(read more)

On the 21st comes the other peak moment when what is going on behind the scenes, at a hospital, through research or strategies, in film, music or the arts, with spiritual pursuits, or involving some private romantic moment, will color the home matter or real estate deal, parent, move, renovation, roommate, or family. This will feel big and will involve some sudden change or new direction for you or your identity. You may feel like breaking out in some way today or just come up with some unconventional or original approach that focuses here.

The month ahead for CAPRICORN: August holds great potential for you when it comes to your big financial picture, think loans, debt, inheritance, taxes, insurance, settlements, investments, alimony, child support, commissions, royalties, a partner's money, or any other outside resource. It is also very strong for putting things in motion regarding your sex life, reproductive needs or divorce if these areas concern you now. The New Moon on the 6th is the kick-off to...(read more)

Venus moves into relationship Libra on the 16th where she will do her best to help you smooth things out with romantic or business partners, your reps, clients, or the competition. She may bring a female specialist or advocate onto the scene now that is beneficial to you or help you attract love or income through an outside relationship. Note that on the 23rd/24th she will butt heads with Pluto. Venus/Pluto aspects are intense. They can be obsessional, jealous, manipulative, or deeply moving but altogether are about you evolving through powerful encounters with others today. This may involve some financial matter, a third party situation, your sex life, reproductive matters, a death, birth, or a divorce. If you feel yourself treading down one of these darker roads today, breathe and pull yourself up on the float, wait it out. If you meet someone today who has an earth shattering affect on your libido, well, there you have it, Pluto.

The month ahead for AQUARIUS: August is looking like a very key relationship month for you Aquarius! This may mean a big focus on your romantic partnership or making it all about your business partners, it could hone you in on important relationships with agents, attorneys or specialists, be a month for building your client base, or help you get a handle on the competition. This kicks off in earnest from the New Moon on the 6th and you will be...(read more)

The other day of note that I want to share with you this month comes on the 20th with a FULL MOON in Aquarius. This marks a peak experience of closure, endings, or celebrations and achievements in the Aquarian field. You can expect to see things climax with a friend one way or another, for a party or event to be pivotal, for group activities or affiliations to hit a high point, your dreams and aspirations to culminate in some way, or for any interest you have in astrology, a charity, cause, or mission to peak in some way. Aquarian energy is about personal freedom and the ideal of the group, you may feel that something original about you is climaxing or that a need to break free from constraints hits an all time peak. Inventions come through and doing things that are outside the norm may beckon you now. Celebrate your soul group!

The month ahead for PISCES: August is set to be a defining month for you when it comes to work. This may mean a new job or new responsibilities in your current job, a great window to interview or audition, a new co-worker or hiring people to help you, or it could be about work at home, organizing your space, de-cluttering and cleaning things out, with an accent on simplicity or being of service. Your health is the other area of tremendous new...(read more)

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