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Before we even attempt to look at December take a moment to commend yourself for getting through one of the most intense configurations of your lifetime. You made it. November's 24 day Uranus/Pluto square has come and gone and now you move forward with the changes and transformations in place. You've arced over the summit of a 3 year experience marking the halfway point, only 3 more squares to go and none will be as intense as this period has just been.

The month ahead for ARIES: December is your month to kick-start any travel plans, engage in legal negotiations or pursue legal interests, attend weddings or plan your own, take a class or teach what you know, amp up your marketing knowledge, get involved in media or publishing, reconnect with your religious purpose, or take a...(read more)

This month begins with a NEW MOON in Sagittarius on the 2nd that will open up fresh starts for you via your legal interests, marketing needs, media outlets, educational pursuits, religious direction, political affiliations, wedding plans, travel itinerary, foreign interests, adventurous areas, and desire for expansion. You have 2 strong weeks to initiate new directives in these areas or to take things to the next level.

The month ahead for TAURUS: December opens up deeper connections for you as soon as the 2nd with the NEW MOON in Sagittarius and the 2 week window this opens to launch into new territory or take things to the next level. This bodes well for your...(read more)

Mercury joins the New Moon on the 4th, moving into Sagittarius and bringing the meetings and talks you want to set up, the news or offers you've been waiting on, the agreements or sales involved, the writing or speaking tied to these themes, and the decisions you will make over these weeks ahead in legal, travel, educational, media, wedding, marketing, religious, and political arenas. Mercury here may also mean that siblings, neighbors, vehicles, or electronics are part of what is going on in these areas.

The month ahead for GEMINI: Who is it that strikes your fancy Gemini? In business or your personal life, your relationships are about to get a boost thanks to the NEW MOON on the 2nd and the 2 week window it opens to launch into new territory or take things to the next level. To that end seek out romantic or business partners, agents, attorneys, specialists, clients, or ways to...(read more)

Mars moves into Libra on the 7th and hold onto your hat...he is staying in this sign until the end of July next year!!!!!!!! Yes, I kid you not, the cosmos has something up their sleeve because instead of 6 plus weeks through Libra Mars is going to tear it up here for close to 8 months. It is going to be all about what is happening in key relationships for everyone now.

The month ahead for CANCER: There is a new dawn in December that starts on the 2nd and gives you 2 powerful weeks to launch in new directions or take things to the next level with your health, work, animals, organization, people you hire, or people at work. Use this period to tend to the details and motivate on opportunities. Mercury joins this push forward on the...(read more)

So what does this mean? Mars is about making things happen, he wants to fight for what he wants or what he thinks is right, or deal with anger issues, he wants more passion and he wants it yesterday, he is the doer and here he comes. In Libra it will be about the action happening with romantic partners, business partners, agents, attorneys, specialists, clients, advocates, competitors, opponents, managers, producers, and any other key player. It's time to motivate, go after what you want, light the fire under your goals, and harness this energy.

The month ahead for LEO: This is a big NEW MOON for you Leo that arrives on the 2nd and opens things up for your creative projects and interests, your love life, children, and recreational pursuits. You have 2 strong weeks to launch in new directions or take things to the next level. Mercury joins in on the 4th and stays through the 24th so this is when...(read more)

There will be 2 days that stand out this month for these relationships besides the 7th and they fall on the 25th and 27th. The 25th will bring up something surprising or exciting, shocking or changing, with you and this other person. Mars may pour on the passion when you least expect, there may be something brewing you are going to be approached about or swept away with, or there could be a sudden upset. Since you know your relationships better than I do take into consideration how things are going before confronting anyone today. The 27th will ask for an adjustment around a wound or healing, again involving that other person.

The month ahead for VIRGO: December is doing its best to give you a fresh start at home, with a move, renovation, real estate deal, the family, a parent, roommate, or around your security needs. Starting on the 2nd you have 2 powerful weeks to launch in new directions or take things to the next level. Mercury will enter the fray on the 4th and stay through the...(read more)

The month ahead for LIBRA: The NEW MOON that kicks off on the 2nd opens up a 2 week window for you to move forward with meetings, agreements, writing, sales, talks, siblings, neighbors, short trips, vehicles, electronics, offers, proposals, interviews, auditions, and decisions and expand your horizons. Be proactive! Mercury joins in the mix on the...(read more)

The 17th is a whopper of a day because it holds a one-two punch: It is the FULL MOON in Gemini and Uranus goes Direct! The Full Moon is bringing a climax to agreements, meetings, offers, sales, writing, talks, decisions, or something involving a sibling or neighbor, vehicle or electronic need, a short trip, community activity, or move. This is when things wrap up, end, come through, or are celebrated. Uranus ending his long Retrograde and going Direct is going to mean that change is going to take place on a personal or physical level and you are ready to make that happen again. Uranus may want you to break free of something, make a change to your name or identity, try something different, experiment, revolt, shake things up, or express your originality. There is a lot of good coming with this energy but for today do take extra care while out on the roads.

The month ahead for SCORPIO: December kicks off with a NEW MOON on the 2nd that opens up a 2 week window involving your income, possessions, gifts, purchases, and what you are doing to feel valued. You should be proactive during this period to further your needs, launch new agendas or take things to the next level. Mercury joins in on the 4th and stays until the...(read more)

The Capricorn field is going to be amplified starting on the 21st and our Winter Solstice as the Sun moves into this territory. This puts you more personally and physically into goal oriented situations for the next 30 days. It is a period when you may be getting more involved in ambitions, career, with a boss, parent, or judge, and dealing with commitments, responsibilities, limits, endings, and leadership needs.

The month ahead for SAGITTARIUS: December is your month, Sage! It starts off with a NEW MOON in your sign on the 2nd and opens up a sweet 2 week window that helps you to further your personal goals, and launch into new arenas or take things to a new level regarding your body, image, name, identity, brand, or persona. Use this time to get out there and go...(read more)

Venus Retrogrades in Capricorn on the same day that the Sun moves into this sign so from the 21st this month until February 1st next year, you will be revisiting any love or money issues/opportunities from the past. This may be a rocky time for lovers or a time when you can reopen the connection and see if it merits any more effort. You may have a romantic interest from the past come back around. Things will slow down so you can look at how your love life is working. There may be more focus on love for a parent or love of career. A woman may exit the stage at this point or pull back for the duration of the cycle. There may be a reinvestment in past money-making opportunities or your income may slow down during this cycle. It's a do-over so take your time with it.

The month ahead for CAPRICORN: The NEW MOON on the 2nd is your opportunity to escape, retreat, rest, recharge your batteries, delve into some artistic project or romantic getaway, reinvest in your spiritual practices, move things along at a hospital, deal with an addiction, or work on developing a project. You have 2 powerful weeks to launch in new directions or...(read more)

Mercury joins the group in Capricorn on the 24th and will spend the weeks ahead bringing more talks, meetings, offers, agreements, sales, writing, and decisions involving the goals, ambitions, career, boss, parent, judge, or responsibilities. Siblings, neighbors, electronic devices, and transportation needs will play more of a role in what is going on here as well.

The month ahead for AQUARIUS: December should be social for you Aquarius! The NEW MOON on the 2nd opens up a 2 week window when more invitations come through, you have more opportunities with friends, groups, the internet, astrology, charities, social networking, parties, events, or towards your aspirations. Mercury joins in with the progress on the...(read more)

Note that the 29-31st will kick up these talks, meetings and decisions over goals, career, the boss, parent, judge, or responsibilities as some sudden changes or opportunities arrive and action is indicated. You may wish to keep your calendar clear for what heats up now, it will require a bit of your attention.

The month ahead for PISCES: December kicks off with a NEW MOON on the 2nd offering you a 2 week period to launch into new directions or take things to the next level with your career, goals, ambitions, rise to fame, or dealings with the boss, parent, judge, or other authority figure. Take the time to pursue what you want to achieve now. Mercury joins the...(read more)

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