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November is critical mass for the Uranus/Pluto square that spans 2012 through 2015. From November 1st, when the 4th of 7 of these squares is perfected, until November 24th when the synodic square peaks, we are seeing just what it is that is meant to undergo a death and re-birth, upheaval and rise from the ashes, complete awakening and freeing, and deep change in our individual lives. Therefore, the first 24 days of November will be felt on a soul level.

The month ahead for ARIES: Make November your month to break out of your rut, to make the changes that you truly desire. Ask the question, who am I or who do I want to be? It is about revolutionizing your life and it starts with you. Focus on your image, body, name, identity, and personal goals. Be willing to try something different or free yourself from...(read more)

Globally we are seeing some intense revolutionary upheavals around us that equate back to the starting gun of this 138 year cycle that had its beginnings between 1965-1968. Now at the first major hurdle of the people's needs to freely express and individuate, with the leaders needs to control and maintain power and status quo, we will see what exactly must evolve for the cycle to continue to radically empower our growth. This is not an easy month but it will move you to the next chapter and it will be active, producing shifts that are now due.

The month ahead for TAURUS: There will never be a more intense and revolutionary month meant to realign you with your spiritual path, Taurus, and the more committed you are to going within the better your awakening is bound to be. You are at the peak of the Uranus/Pluto square the begins on the 1st and spans the month until the 24th so let it open you up to...(read more)

It is quite likely you are already familiar with what your changes are meant to be since there have been 3 such epic points so far doing their best to shift the reality. Now you will see things climax in some way and matters of personal identity and physical form break away from outworn modes to reinvent or release into the change. You have free will to grab hold of what you can do to empower yourself through this shift, you can make a commitment to do better by your body, to reinvent yourself in a more authentic way, to roll with the changes that are fated to occur now with faith that all is as it is meant to be, and to realize stopping change is not most likely possible right now.

The month ahead for GEMINI: It's a radical, powerful month of change for everyone as the Uranus/Pluto square hits critical mass but it plays out in different arenas and for you it has a lot to do with how you are redefining or reinventing yourself via your friendships, group affiliations or activities, internet interests, astrology, charities, social gatherings, personal...(read more)

There is a NEW MOON on the 3rd in Pluto's sign, Scorpio, and it is a SOLAR ECLIPSE. This adds to the momentum and gives each and every one of us the potential to move in a new direction or take things to the next level when dealing with Scorpio/Pluto themes. This may mean new loans or ways of handling current loans, new ways of dealing with debt, new slants on inheritance, bankruptcy, insurance, taxes, investments, commissions, alimony, child support, divorce, your sex life, reproductive needs, dealing with a death or facing mortality issues, birth, controlling interest in some matter, obsessions, manipulations, or third party situations. You have 2 strong weeks to push things forward or get on fresh ground here, these are areas of life that are moving so you want to be proactive about what you can set in motion. Don't be afraid to 'eclipse' out something to make way for the new beginning.

The month ahead for CANCER: You have been in the thick of a massive personal change in your life since 2012 and now, in November, you reach a turning point as the Uranus/Pluto square reaches critical mass between the 1st and 24th. It has been about an awakening and how you feel about your need for freedom or need to trail blaze in some new way. Your personal goals, the...(read more)

Venus moves into Capricorn on the 5th where love and making money will become more sobering and serious, ambitious and ready to face any limits or responsibilities. You may find that you are thinking about commitments in love or attracted to someone much older or well established. Your earnings will be more a part of some long range plan or you will feel more like being in charge of the money or possessions. Love or ways to make money that are not suited to your goals will wither under Capricorn's weight since only serious need apply now.

The month ahead for LEO: It hasn't been boring, has it Leo? The 3 year ride to shake things up and rebirth you in some brand new form between 2012 and 2015 hits its peak between November 1st and 24th this month! This is it, time to awaken and excite things when it comes to travel plans or foreign interests, educational pursuits, legal matters, media, marketing,...(read more)

The month ahead for VIRGO: You are feeling it the powerful shift occurring at a deeper level because it has been building for over a year now but hold onto your hat, Virgo, it is this month of November when quite a climactic moment comes around that evolutionary change. There is a great awakening occurring for you involving how you become intimate with others, your...(read more)

Jupiter Retrogrades on the 7th which is about our outward growth and adventurous expansion turning inward for a while or slowing down so that we might catch up to all that has happened. Jupiter will Retrograde back to the 10th degree of Cancer by the first week of March, 2014 and then go Direct. So, from now until March we will see a need to consolidate what expansive maneuvers we have set in place or any big situations that have grown up around us so that we are ready to launch forward in new, big ways again next year. Jupiter in Cancer is aiming all of this on our own security needs, the way we nurture ourselves, our home, real estate deals, family, parents, roommates, or any moves or renovations. You may note a shift now as this energy Retrogrades.

The month ahead for LIBRA: November is a very important peak involving the 3 year Uranus/Pluto square and the changes that are reinventing your life between 2012-2015. You have been undergoing a grand awakening involving your key relationships and this is coming to a head between November 1st-24th. Look to your marriage or business partners, agents, attorneys, clients...(read more)

Mercury ends his Retrograde on the 10th and you are now ready to move ahead after having reworked any of those decisions, agreements, sales, written projects, meetings, or ideas involving sex, divorce, financial matters, death, or birth. You should now have a better handle on what you wish to do moving forward and you are now in the all clear to begin signing new documents, accepting new invitations and making new purchases of electronics or mechanical items. You may note that on the 9th Mars stirs Saturn here so you may wish to get your job, health, paperwork, or animal issues ready to go the day before this is exact.

The month ahead for SCORPIO: So you have a clue how life-changing the direction you have been taking in work, with your health, over paperwork being signed, and with animals this last year plus has been. You've been in a highly volatile, unpredictable but exciting energy field that is charged under frictional energy right now (2012-2015), dealing with power struggles, taking a...(read more)

Neptune goes Direct on the 13th after a long slumber since June. This is your cue to dive back into your artistic pursuits, your spiritual practices, romantic getaways, or to step up to addictions, bad habits or tend to hospital matters. Neptune gives our imagination more mojo now and helps us see signs all around us so pay attention to the messages in dreams and around your daily routine, they will be coming in strong now.

The month ahead for SAGITTARIUS: If it has felt like a rollercoaster, with exciting ups and wild and crazy downs or twists and turns in your love life, with your creative projects, your children, or recreational interests, this month will definitely be the winner as you hit the critical mass when it comes to the great awakening the cosmos has in store for you in...(read more)

The FULL MOON on the 17th is in Taurus and is bringing a climax around income, possessions, gifts, purchases, or what you are building. This is when things come through, wrap up, are ended, or are achieved and celebrated. Emotions run high at the Full Moon so everyone will be in there tackling these themes in culmination.

The month ahead for CAPRICORN: You have been in the thick of a massive awakening for over a year now Capricorn, a period between 2012-2015 that is meant to completely revamp your roots in life and who you are moving forward through twists and turns that bring change and enlightenment. This process peaks this month between November 1st-24th so you can...(read more)

Chiron, who has been traveling alongside of Neptune through Pisces, ends his Retrograde and goes Direct on the 17th. This is going to open the door to the next chapter of exposing wounds, healing and allowing for vulnerability in our romantic life, artistic world, spiritual development, dealings with hospitals or institutions, tackling addictions or bad habits, hidden agendas, research, investigations or time in retreat or development. If tears come today allow them to flow. Many of us who've been working on integrating painful experiences or healing issues will feel this shift as a positive new beginning.

The month ahead for AQUARIUS: Your ruler, Uranus, has been one of the great change makers working at max capacity since 2012 and in one of the biggest reshaping periods of your life from then until 2015. It will be this November, between the 1st and 24th that it reaches critical mass and wakes you up with a very big decision, piece of information or...(read more)

The Sun moves into Sagittarius on the 21st and illuminates our position in any legal matters, over travel plans or foreign interests, with media, marketing or broadcasting interests, educational pursuits, wedding plans, political or religious direction, or with our adventurous side. The Sun will travel here for the next 30 days bringing more personal and physical involvement here. Be open to other cultures and beliefs, look for ways to stand out in these matters or tie in your image, brand or identity in some expansive way.

The month ahead for PISCES: November is going to redefine a few things for you Pisces, it's been coming since 2012 and arrives sometime between November 1st - 24th. This is the apex of change that spans 2012-2015 and all about awakening something in you and bringing new freedoms or original slants to what you do to earn money, what's going on with your...(read more)

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