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Oh sweet cherries, we are moving out of the Piscean FOG and heading into the first week since we entered this mystery encampment that actually will allow us to make some fresh starts with more action and determination to make it so!

The week ahead for Aries: This week is bookended by two important shifts. On Monday the New Moon in Pisces will give you a huge new start in the Piscean arena you've been working through and on Sunday Mercury will end his Retrograde here and the backtracking, reworking, releasing, and reclaiming period will end in the same arena. This means

Monday is the NEW MOON in Pisces so all that releasing, purging, running into ghosts of your past, and reworking anything of interest will now be the ground you walk upon for that new direction your life is taking. As if you need a reminder at this point (but for anyone new), Pisces rules music, art, film, magic, poetry, dreams, imagination, inspiration, addictions, hidden romances, hospitals, research, investigations, spiritual pursuits, meditation, yoga, psychic abilities, and what you have in development. It is a Karmic part of the chart. So this is the focus of the New Moon fresh start. You've now cleared some of the way to give yourself an open door forward, the next 2 weeks are your best window of the year to launch anew in these areas so what you do here now will carry you forward into that year, make it count. Venus sits with this New Moon beginning so love, income or a woman will figure positively into this new start.

The week ahead for Taurus: This week has you coming and going Taurus and that is because it begins with a New Moon in Pisces and ends with Mercury going Direct in Pisces after a long Retrograde period. The unique thing about this is that the New Moon is all about your best 2 week window of the year to launch fresh new projects and start over in areas that it falls while the Retrograde is asking that you

Tuesday Mars exits the sea of Piscean fog and rockets into Aries where he is in his own element and revving to go. From today forward your passions, motivation, actions, and anger are going to be working on your behalf to move something and like, now. Not only does this important energy of direct action now move in his own sign but the first thing he does is slam right into Uranus, today! Expect some real excitement, change, shock, accidents, surprise, or awakening today as this is equivalent to someone turning on the lights and handing you a live wire after being submerged at the oceans floor for some time. Anything can happen. The alignment to Jupiter means some big news, decisions, agreements, offers, writing, sales, short trips, local activities, or something involving a vehicle, electronic, sibling, or neighbor is aligning for you in the mix. Be willing to do it differently and express originality and determination.

The week ahead for Gemini: Mercury spends his last week in Retrograde in Pisces and the New Moon in the same sign launches you in new directions. This means you will be putting in lots of energy wrapping up old business with career, goals, ambitions, a parent, boss or other authority figure, reputation, or fame while getting your best 2 week window of the year to

Wednesday is really the only challenging day this week as the Aries Moon has to deal with some adjustment involving finances, sex or divorce and any issues with an authority figure, goal, career need, reputation, or fame. At least you are feeling the fire and ability to take some action that will help you work things out.

The week ahead for Cancer: The week is bookended between a New Moon on Monday in Pisces and the Mercury Retrograde in Pisces ending on Sunday. This means your week is about wrapping up old business and reclaiming or releasing any past legal, media, marketing, publishing, travel, educational, or wedding matters while pushing forward in new directions and in some cases bringing the two together for some new idea of what you can do here. Monday marks the beginning of your best

Thursday through Saturday the Taurus Moon takes over and does so by aligning with Neptune, Mercury, Saturn, Pluto, Chiron, Venus, and the Sun! This will bring you into some opportunities and harmonious moments around feeling valued, making money, enjoying good food or other comforts, building on things, and developing that Piscean field in these last days of Mercury Retrograde. Every single thing you do on these days should start from, "I have something of value to contribute and I will be valued accordingly." Let it be your mantra.

Alright Leo, here you go with your last full week of Mercury Retrograde helping you tidy up all those loose ends in Pisces AND your New Moon in Pisces giving you your best 2 week window of the year to get a fresh start and launch in new directions in the same field. It is going to be quite the week because of this and for you it means you will be focusing on

Sunday MERCURY goes DIRECT! Minds change, decisions are made, news comes in, ideas gel, and if there are any last haywire moments to be had around transportation, agreements, or electronics then they will hit a peak today. Starting tomorrow you have a green light to sign new agreements, begin projects with new people, make new connections, buy new mechanical or electronic items, and choose the next round of interest. Gemini Moon takes over today, as if by a nod from the universe that decisions are in the air. This Moon challenges Mercury so you may have one last tinge of doubt or need to say one last thing to move on, give it voice. The rest of the alignments are lovely with opportunity tied to your own needs and agenda.

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