zoe moon astrologyThe way I see it, the week ahead is a two-parter. The first one being about adjustments involving the Scorpio and Capricorn part of our charts. This will be prevalent on Monday and Saturday. Note that on these 2 particular days it will be important that you listen, talk, write, sell, sign, or agree to things with a spirit of working out any shifts or issues over financial matters, divorce, the sex life, career, goals, authority figures, fame, or reputation. A give and take approach will do better for you than trying to plow through without regard to the other persons needs or particulars of the situation that are stuck somehow. You've been working hard on these changes and are about half way through a 3 year period of redesigning your life on some level so don't give up now! Power struggles, control issues, obsessions, triangles, or manipulations can rear their heads on these two days so don't be the one going there.

The week ahead for Aries: Monday calls you to deal with the finances, sex or divorce, making compromises or adjusting to the circumstances. You may be face to face with someone in a position of authority or shifting gears a bit over goals or career path. Communications are key so give and take over

The second part of the week will be about a one, two, three punch of Aries energy shooting us out into our personal interests and situations with a whole lot of passion or aggressive, "It's my way or the highway" gusto. This is going to feel good on many levels after drifting along in the sea of deep Piscean emotions and Karma. This will occur on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, when in order, the Sun and Venus move into Aries, and Mars and Uranus come together there. You should have felt things beginning to pick up last week with Mars moving into Aries, this week it gets more passionate, angry or motivating and everyone is feeling it.

The week ahead for Taurus: Monday pushes you to deal with money making interests or possessions with an eye on any adjustments that involve partners, representatives, clients, competitors, or the legal, travel, marketing, educational, or media interests in the mix. Give and take is important today. Tuesday gives you some last issue around

Note that Wednesday with the Sun now in Aries you will get a 30 day focus beginning on personal and physical needs and these will be playing out in a certain part of your life depending on your sign, I go into detail under your sign. It will be your willingness to take the lead, step up and do something about things by making your presence known or your needs important that will tip the scales. You may be pushing forward some identity need, improvement or new activity with the body, image or brand as well. Expect more passion and determination behind it now.

The week ahead for Gemini: Monday will be about the adjustments you make personally or physically over your needs or presence demanded in one place and the work, health needs, pets, financial interests, sex life, or divorce on the other. OY. Do what you can to give and take, look at what your true goals and commitments are and then

Thursday with Venus in the mix we get some ease and smoothing out of issues, help in attracting more love or money, as well as more women willing to help us out with our aims. She tours here the next few weeks arming you with more charm and finesse in the part of your chart she falls in so smile pretty and let her pave the way.

The week ahead for Cancer: Monday is about adjustments you make behind the scenes or on an art project, spiritual pursuit, with a hospital or other institution, over an addiction, the research, investigation, or clandestine romance. Whichever one or more of these themes are calling for your attention it will be the partner, representative, client, competitor, lover, child, or

Friday when Mars and Uranus come together in Aries it will amp up big time. This is action in the moment, surprise, excitement, shock, change, passions, anger, breaking free, doing something completely different, originating, and setting things on fresh ground. The only thing to watch out for would be acting out impetuously or snapping on someone, or the unstable side of this combination which could bring on accidents, burns, fire, electrical issues, or eruptions. You may get a bit of both sides of this so take care out there and let the energy fire you up for change and new directions!

The week ahead for Leo: Monday pushes for adjustments either involving your aspirations or your friends, groups, the internet, astrology, or charities. Look to where you can give and take at home, with family, moves, real estate, roommates, renovations, work, health, paperwork, or pets. Tuesday gives you a bit more to

This leaves Tuesday and Sunday hanging out there between all this flow. Tuesday will focus some on home or property matters, family or roommates, moves or security needs, take the time to deal with anything going on here that could slip you up if left undone. Sunday will be all about the work, organizing, paperwork, health, or animals. It's a day to attend to the details, be of service and put in the efforts.

The week ahead for Virgo: Monday focuses on your career, boss, parent, the judge or other authority figure, or your goals, ambitions or reputation. You need to be willing to give and take in this today as you get news, have talks, meetings, write things up, sign them, negotiate them, pitch them, sell them, or make decisions over them. A sibling, neighbor, electronic, or

Baby, it's time to wake up! That's the common theme driving our week ahead so jump in there and make it count. Aries lights up every sign for one purpose or another, details are within your own signs forecast. This week promises to give energy and purpose to drive our lives forward, see ya on the other side!

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