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You've muddled through your Mercury Retrograde experience, hopefully you figured out a few details you didn't have right and fixed them. In the week ahead, with Mercury now beginning to slowly inch his way forward you will begin to see what is possible. There will be 2 days this week, Monday and Friday, that give you the information, offer, agreement, sale, meeting, talk, writing, or decision you need to start this process. Mark them on your calendar and make them count.

The week ahead for ARIES: Get ready to come out of your shell Aries, all that isolation ends this week and you are ready to come back out for the next round of artistic opportunities, spiritual adventure, romantic interludes, and better situations with hospitals or places of healing, because your imagination is back in charge and you are ready to get your...(read more)

MONDAY those communications, sales, agreements, and decision moments are aligning in positive flow and taking whatever came up on Saturday into your future. Look to talks, meetings, pitches, proposals, interviews, auditions, writing, and decisions around financial interests, sexual attractions, reproductive needs, mortality issues, births, or third parties to open this door. Look for ways to involve hospitals, healing, dealing with addictions, meditation, yoga, a retreat, rest, recuperation, research, art, film, music, romance, or imagination. The answer is there.

The week ahead for TAURUS: You may feel as though there is a fire beneath you this week as everything builds to the Full Moon in your sign by Sunday. This is a good things since it seems there is not much you can't achieve if you set your mind to it now so don't hold back, it's your story. MONDAY and TUESDAY will focus on getting the ball rolling with that ...(read more)

MONDAY also has positive alignments with Venus and Pluto in Capricorn so there are goals to be reached or openings towards those goals that you can establish. Women should be receptive, there should be potential to further things with the boss, parent, judge, career, or some personal goal. Look for ways to reform or evolve the situation.

The week ahead for GEMINI: Things are about to shift gears on the career front, with your personal goals, reputation, fame, the boss, a parent, or your responsibilities this week and it's been a long time coming Gemini! MONDAY and TUESDAY will open this up to look at what you can do about health, work, paperwork, or animal needs in the situation. Both days are favorable for ...(read more)

TUESDAY is the day this week to focus on your Jupiter themes. Now that Jupiter is Retrograde you are getting a chance to rework any legal matters, educational interests, wedding plans, your travel itinerary, religious themes, political agenda, media or marketing campaign, publishing deal, broadcasting project, or unbridled adventure, and in Cancer it will play out at home, with real estate, family, a parent, roommate, move, or renovation. Sidle on up to it today, what can you do that would make you happier or more prosperous in these areas or through these areas? What can you step into sexually, financially or in divorce to get there?

The week ahead for CANCER: Consider that you have had enough time to figure out what to do about legal, travel, media, educational, or wedding plans, Cancer. Starting this week it is forward you go into new, inspired territory. There is a bit of Karma tied into where this goes so seek balance in all situations but also lean towards what will...(read more)

WEDNESDAY Neptune goes Direct. Neptune has been in slowed down, internalizing mode since June and now we get him moving forward again for the months ahead. Expect some really wild dreams and signs to pop up last night and today, pay attention! The veil is holding forth with information that may inspire you or give you a major clue as to your direction forward. Your energy levels are bound to shift as well as you adjust to this new direction.

The week ahead for LEO: Good lord Leo, you really are being asked to do something different or to take things in a new direction when it comes to some financial matter, your sex life, a divorce, death, or birth. Mercury is now going Direct here, pushing you out of past choices and towards your future and on WEDNESDAY Neptune will go Direct and awaken...(read more)

Neptune rules art, film, music, dance, sculpture, dreams, meditation, yoga, magic, psychic interests, dealing with addictions, hospitals, healing, hidden agendas, hidden enemies, self-sabotage, research, investigations, romantic getaways, clandestine romance, and the imagination. These things are now awakening and starting to move forward again so tune into the flow.

The week ahead for VIRGO: There's been so much development and internal processing going on over the past months regarding your relationships that you may be caught off guard a bit as this week gets under way and you see that things are about to take off in a new direction or move to that next level. This is a slow moving energy so it will gather steam over the ...(read more)

The week ahead for LIBRA: It's a week of new opportunities for you Libra as these past months of processing and behind the scenes diligence are about to pay forward on the work front, with paperwork, health interests, and the animals. Something artistic, spiritual, romantic, or tied to research or institutions is about to move the pieces up the board for you in...(read more)

WEDNESDAY also has a square to Venus and Pluto so today you do the hard part when it comes to your career, personal goals, boss, parent, the judge, your reputation, fame, responsibilities, commitments, endings, or achievements. How bad do you want to love or money? What are you willing to do about it? Sudden changes are possible, new approaches are favored.

The week ahead for SCORPIO: Since June there has been an internal processing that has been going on meant to bring you out this week into a new level of potential when it comes to your love life, creative projects, children, and recreational interests. A deep Karmic energy is attached to what you've been working through that now releases and pushes you out there over...(read more)

THURSDAY continues the Venus energy in overcoming obstacles mode. She is up against Uranus so the sky's the limit, anything goes. You will want to be adaptive in the way you do the work, deal with paperwork, handle people you hire, team up with others to get things done, do things about health concerns or the pets, and again connect over the career, goals, boss, parent, judge, or responsibilities.

The week ahead for SAGITTARIUS: Whatever you've been developing behind the scenes at home or involving real estate, family, parents, roommates, moves, or renovations over these past months is now ready to begin moving into new territory or forward and up a level in the week ahead. It is a slow month-long process underway now but advance your inspiration you will. MONDAY and...(read more)

FRIDAY Venus and Pluto get together by degree. This may be about a hell of a powerful love/sex connection with someone or it can go the other extreme and be about a control issue, manipulation, obsession, destruction, or upheaval and change. With Venus it's about love or money. With Pluto it won't be light and fluffy. Know you are at a starting point over this matter and play nice. You will be in a one-on-one with someone over the finances, possessions or purchases.

The week ahead for CAPRICORN: I just have to wonder what my Capricorn friends have been coming up with over these past months as Neptune, the great imagination force, has been percolating beneath the surface. The cool thing is that in the week ahead many of us will find out just what you've had up your sleeve as your artistic imagination, spiritual purpose, romantic ideals, research and ...(read more)

SATURDAY the Moon begins to build to tomorrow's Full Moon status so things are beginning to come to a head around earnings, possessions, gifts, purchases, and what you value. There is excellent energy around making things happen with this today so gear it up. It's important to again connect with someone else over what is shared here and how you are making changes together.

The week ahead for AQUARIUS: If you've been wanting some new territory to open up regarding how you make your money and your artistic projects, spiritual ideals, romantic interludes, research, or dealings with hospitals or other institutions, this week brings it and puts you on a road that will get your imagination back in the mix big time over the months ahead. MONDAY and...(read more)

SUNDAY is the FULL MOON in Taurus and a peak for everyone when it comes to income, valuables, feeling valued, gifts, purchases, and what you have been building. By today things will have come through, wrapped up, ended, or you are celebrating achievements in these areas for your year so far. The aspect to Jupiter is very positive showing that something good is going on at home, with renovations, moves, real estate deals, family, a parent, roommate, or your security needs in all of this, enjoy!

The week ahead for PISCES: Talk about the butterfly emerging from the cocoon of the caterpillar, Pisces! This week you awaken from a long incubatory phase that has been ongoing since June and you are ready to come out over the months ahead with some new found identity tied to your artistic talents, spiritual awareness, romantic ideal, or what you are doing with a ...(read more)

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