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Pat yourself on the back, you've made it through the Uranus/Pluto synodic square, the toughest or most life-defining of the 7 change bringing aspects between these two bodies over a 3 year period. Now to the week ahead...it is looking pretty darn good overall! Here's how it breaks down:

The week ahead for ARIES: The talks, meetings, agreements, sales, or decisions you come to on MONDAY are serious and important with long term ramifications. Choose well. If you are on the receiving end of this via news or offers, again, it is defining a long term commitment, ending, 'no', or responsibility. This focuses in on...(read more)

Our week has another vibe to it and that is Pluto's move into the second decan of Capricorn for the first time in our lifetimes. This is about the second 10 degrees of the sign and how Pluto's entry here will now mean that those financial, sexual, divorce, third party, birth, mortality, and control issues we are learning to master or evolve through will now focus their flow through the Taurus part of Capricorn (the second decan). So we will be learning about these things through attention to what we value, our earnings, purchases, possessions, if we treat others like possessions, gifts, stubborn or fixed positions, and what it is we build upon/are building upon. You may notice a bit of shift in this dynamic or it may just become more concrete for you as you progress along this decan between now and 2018 when Pluto will enter the third decan of Capricorn.

The week ahead for TAURUS:. MONDAY is serious when it comes to news, agreements, offers, sales, writing, meetings, talks, or decisions with a partner, agent, attorney, specialist, client, or opponent. This is defining in that it is committing you long term, bringing an ending, 'no', limit, structure, or responsibility with, through or about this person. Today through..(read more)

MONDAY brings a serious decision, piece of news, offer, agreement, or meeting regarding sex, divorce, death, birth, finances, or third party situations. It is about a long term commitment, your responsibilities, an ending, a 'no', or the way things are structured. Here me well on this one, what you choose today will be in place for a VERY long time, choose well. Work, health, paperwork, and animal needs are a bit fuzzy today, tomorrow this clears up.

The week ahead for GEMINI: News, offers, agreements, writing, sales, decisions, or meetings you have on MONDAY regarding the work, paperwork, health, or pets is crucially important as it will either cement something going forward long term, bring a 'no', ending, ambition, structure, or responsibility on board that is serious. Today through WEDNESDAY will be about your...(read more)

TUESDAY is all go when it comes to the job, organizing, cleaning up, clearing out, paperwork, people you hire, people you work with, health concerns or interests, the pets, and being of service. The aspects are remarkable for moving things along, making positive changes, and what goes on with those in charge, the home, real estate, family, or finances.

The week ahead for CANCER: MONDAY brings serious news, offers, agreements, writing, sales, meetings, talks, or decisions, serious! This means for you that choices made about a creative venture, your love life or lover, the kids, or a recreational matter will bring long term commitments, endings, a 'no', a way to structure things, ambitions, or your...(read more)

WEDNESDAY lets you take those choices regarding finances, sex, divorce, death, birth, or third parties and move it along. Doors open, you may be doing something for a parent, boss, judge, or other authority that goes well here or you may be striving to achieve goals, career aims or tackle those responsibilities. Love or money flow is good with this endeavor. The last big push to organize, wrap up work, tackle paperwork, health, or pet needs, pushes you forward. Key relationships are going to be under stress from tonight through Friday so realize this when dealing with your partners, agents, attorneys, specialists, clients, competitors, or other key players. Tonight is being willing to make adjustments.

The week ahead for LEO:. MONDAY is about a serious choice, piece of information/news, offer, agreement, sale, written matter, meeting, or decision that focuses on the home, family, real estate, a parent, roommate, move, or renovation. This is about long term commitments, endings, a 'no', the way things are structured, limits, or responsibilities in the mix so get..(read more)

The week ahead for VIRGO: An important decision, agreement, sale, or response comes on MONDAY and may be about the idea or choice or about the brother, sister, neighbor, move, vehicle, electronic, writing, or meeting. This is going to cement something one way or the other so look to commitments, endings, 'no's', ambitions, responsibilities, and ways to...(read more)

Happy Thanksgiving to all on this THURSDAY! Home, family, parents, roommates, real estate, moves, or renovations are in focus today with positive flow all around. Talks are deep and moving, understanding is greater, agreements or decisions can change things in an evolutionary way, finances, intimacy or divorce issues can be overcome, and the focus on a goal or that authority figure like the parent, boss or judge is all about the love or money in balance. Again relationships are tested under the Uranus/Pluto square so sudden changes or intense moments may arise, if you are on your spiritual path with this one there is potential to evolve the relationship.

The week ahead for LIBRA: MONDAY brings serious news, offers, agreements, sales, writing, meetings, or decisions about the income, possessions or purchases. This will be about a long term commitment, ending, 'no', limit, or your responsibilities in the mix so get real about it. Today through WEDNESDAY will put focus on what you are doing behind the scenes, in...(read more)

FRIDAY is relationship day, the push is on at home, with family, parents, roommates, moves, renovations, real estate deals, and the parent, boss, judge, goal, or career matter. Emotions are powerful today regarding this partner, rep, client, specialist, or competitor.

The week ahead for SCORPIO: MONDAY brings a very serious communication or decision, it may be about news you hear, an agreement, sale, something in writing, an offer, talk, meeting, or choice. It will be aimed at you or have an impact on you, your name, identity, body, brand, image, or personal goals, and it is going to be about a long term commitment, ending, 'no', limit, the way...(read more)

The week ahead for SAGITTARIUS: MONDAY is about news, offers, agreements, sales, writing, meetings, talks, or decisions about hospitals, addictions, research, film, music, art, meditation, yoga, magic, psychic interests, spiritual pursuits, investigations, hidden romance or romantic getaways, or Karmic debt. It is serious and will focus in on...(read more)

SATURDAY the Sun/Uranus trine perfects freeing us in some exciting new way. It may feel like a sudden awakening or an insight that grabs you from the blue. If you feel the urge to strike out in some new direction or try something different, give it a try (within reason). Since this begins the day you may have had this occur last night in the build-up to the aspect. Scorpio Moon takes over today asking for a personal or physical adjustment from you regarding the sex, divorce, morality issue, birth, or financial matter. Once you do this the rest of the day goes deep and helps you feel in touch with one or more of these matters in some profound way, goals may be reached tonight.

The week ahead for CAPRICORN: MONDAY is about news, offers, agreements, meetings, writing, sales, or decisions involving your aspirations, friends, groups, the internet, astrology, charities, invention, freedom, or change and it is serious. Look at long term commitments, endings, a 'no', limits, ways to structure things, or responsibilities. Today through WEDNESDAY will also...(read more)

SUNDAY is all about what you can do to enhance your sex life, reproductive needs, financial needs, or the way you are facing morality issues, a birth, or third party situation. The aspects are superb and open things up in these arenas so talk it out, meet up, connect, make choices, come to terms, make sales, open things up in the home, with real estate or family, do for the parent, boss or judge, look towards goals or career needs, and do what it takes to tackle the work, paperwork, health concern, or pet needs. All good.

The week ahead for AQUARIUS: News you've been waiting on, an offer, agreement, sale, something about writing, interviews, auditions, speaking roles, meetings, talks, or decisions get serious on MONDAY. It will be goal oriented or focus on career, fame, achievements, the boss, parent, judge, or your responsibilities and point out long term commitments, endings, a...(read more)

The week ahead for PISCES: MONDAY is the day to get the news, make the offer, propose, write, sign, agree, sell, or meet up over travel plans, legal matters, weddings, educational pursuits, media, marketing, or publishing needs. It's serious and about commitments, endings, a 'no', limits, ambitions, or the way things are structured. You are going to be focused in on...(read more)

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