zoe moon astrologyOur week ahead is really about one big thing; the FULL MOON LUNAR ECLIPSE in Scorpio. Yowza this one is a doozie. This is the sign that hosts Saturn and our current tests and responsibilities as well as our current need to master something new in the realm of working through third party situations, loans, debt, inheritance, bankruptcy, settlements, alimony, child support, taxes, insurance, investments, commissions, royalties, mortgages, partner's money, our sexual intimacy, issues or attractions, divorce, and death. It's also the realm of power, control, obsession, and the deepest kind of transformation.

The week ahead for ARIES: You will see an ending or celebrate an achievement involving a loan, debt, settlement, inheritance, bankruptcy, insurance policy, tax situation, investment, alimony or child support payment, commission or royalty, something involving a partner's money or any other form of financial resource on your plate by Thursday of this week. For those of you not dealing with financial matters expect this to be about

The week builds to a culmination over any issues or interests we have in these areas. Full Moon's bring things to a head as we reach some peak we've been striving for and celebrate achievements or recognition, or they mark a time of endings as things wrap up for good. The fact that this is a Lunar Eclipse adds more of a wallop to the mix, making things that much bigger.

The week ahead for TAURUS: Your week will be about an extremely important ending or peak achievement involving a romantic or business partner, agent, attorney, specialist, client, competitor, opponent, advocate, or other key relationship. Your Saturn tests are here and continue to be here through September of 2015 however it is THIS peak occurring this week that will bring something to a head that shifts the game and your journey. Monday focus in on

If you realize that Saturn moved into Scorpio in October of 2012 and will tour this energy field through September 2015, then not to return for another 29 years, you get an idea of how important the lessons and ambitions in these areas are to all of us now. The fact that we have an Eclipse culminating upon these themes right now just fuels our need to make something happen or end something along the journey.

The week ahead for GEMINI: Your week is all about that big financial, sexual, divorce, or life and death matter that is bringing something in paperwork, on the job, with work efforts or co-workers, employees, health concerns or interests, or animals to a major ending or peak celebration. Are you signing papers, getting some lucrative back-end perk on the job, taking out the loan or paying it off for the service you want to provide, taking a

We had a Solar Eclipse giving us a huge push forward into new territory last November, 2012 in Scorpio and we will have another Scorpio Solar Eclipse in this field November of 2013 and October 2014 giving us more boosts forward, but this is our ONLY Lunar Eclipse in this sign during the Saturn transit so IT IS IMPORTANT to allow for endings and note the major things coming through for you as you continue on your serious journey of self-mastery and ambition in your sex life, with the divorce, dealing with life and death transformations, or any major financial interest you are working on solidifying.

The week ahead for CANCER: Your week ahead is going to be about culminating energies bringing something to a significant ending or major achievement regarding a creative project, lover, child, or recreational interest. In this you are dealing with some financial resource, your intimacy or reproductive needs, life and death situations, divorce, or third party situations. Here is where the self-mastery of some new level in your life is at work between

On the day of the Eclipse, Thursday, Saturn will sit with the Moon while Mars will oppose them. This adds their energy to the day bringing a long term commitment, ending, limit, structure, ambition, responsibility, authority figure, or loss to what is peaking while putting the need to do something about being valued or making money into the mix in a passionate way. Neptune harmonizes with the Eclipse so there is something Karmic, fated, magical, inspired, imaginative, artistic, spiritual, romantic, or tied to hospitals, addictions, or research that should work with the climax you are hitting now.

The week ahead for LEO: The week is one of those really important ones and for you it is about the building energy around what is going on with your home, a real estate deal, move, roommate, family matter, parent, renovation, or security need. You have been tested and are in a phase of new mastery over any financial, sexual, life and death matters, or divorce issues concerning these areas of life and it spans 2012-2015. It will be what comes to a

The first part of the week is emotionally building to this high point on Thursday so you may be preoccupied with the impending climax. Monday the Moon is VOID the entire day, it's better to wrap things up and incubate ideas over launching new ventures if you can wait. Venus and Saturn oppose so you may be experiencing some serious interest over love or money playing out with another person with a subject line of endings or commitments. This can feel like you can't quite access the love since Saturn here can feel somber, remember it will pass and don't push others for emotions that aren't available right now. It can also put you one on one with someone over shared resources and serious choices here.

The week ahead for VIRGO: This is a week like no other, one which brings an ongoing testing and self-mastery part of your life that involves your ideas, talks, agreements, writing, sales, brothers, sisters, neighbors, moves, vehicles, electronics, local activities, short trips, offers, pitches, proposals, and decisions and most likely focuses these topics on some big financial matter, your intimacy/sex life or a divorce. You are in this phase between

Tuesday and Wednesday Libra Moon gives us focus on relationships. Tuesday this will be about adjustments made with the partner, attorney, specialist, client, competitor, or agent. There is potential for at least one very big offer, talk, agreement, sale, writing project, meeting, or decision that should benefit.

The week ahead for LIBRA: Saturn tests and new levels of mastery began in October of 2012 and continue to hone your skills and responsibilities through March of 2015 focusing on your income potential and needs, how you deal with valuables and how you value yourself and others. When Saturn leaves this part of your chart he won't be back for 29 years. This week you will be building emotionally to a critical climax involving these tests and ambitions around your

Wednesday the key people will align with those talks and agreements, writing and decisions, sales and short trips, so open up. Venus and Pluto align today bringing change and empowerment around income goals or feeling more valued in love. Sun/Neptune align for opportunity to bring some magic and inspiration into this mix.

The week ahead for SCORPIO: This week is one for the books for you Scorpio. In your ongoing 3 year test where you will graduate to some new level of self-mastery this week's events turn the tide. The Saturn transit from 2012-2015 is honing you into that diamond and has meant getting real about who you are, where you set your limits, what you commit to, your ambitions, and how your name, identity, brand, body, and image are evolving through hard work, letting go of

Thursday is the FULL MOON LUNAR ECLIPSE. Today you achieve your big financial goal, sexual conquest, reproductive need, or divorce, OR you mark a significant ending when it comes to something in these arenas. Emotions will be intense out there, it's not for sissies. Remember to stay in your own personal power, no need to give it away when there are options out there for you to evolve in healthier directions.

The week ahead for SAGITTARIUS: The week ahead is a turning point because you are either finishing something big or seeing something coming through and celebrating that achievement (maybe both), and in all of this peak activity there is a shift in the 3 year period of tests and self-mastery that you are undergoing in areas of film, music, art, spirituality, meditation, yoga, magic, psychic abilities, dealings with hospitals, addictions, research, investigations, and

Friday we work through or on whatever peaked yesterday so expect attention to be on the third party situations, loans, debt, inheritance, bankruptcy, taxes, insurance, settlements, investments, alimony, child support, partner's money, divorce, sexual interests or issues, life or death situation, or reproductive needs. Adjustments around the way you communicate or decisions made will help you to get what you want. Take action on money making matters today if you can.

The week ahead for CAPRICORN: Here comes your turning point in the ongoing Saturn test through Scorpio that began 2012 and ends 2015 not to return for 29 years! You've been learning to get serious, end things, commit to others, take the lead, deal with limits and losses, and put your ambitions out there when dealing with aspirations, friendships, group affiliations and activities, the internet, astrology, charities, social networking, and

Saturday and Sunday the energy turns to travel plans, legal interests, media, marketing, publishing, broadcasting, publicity, politics, higher education, weddings, or religious interests. Both days this will require adjustments where making money or earnings are concerned. Sunday puts you one on one with someone over a serious commitment or ending, structure or limit, ambition or achievement and most likely it will have monetary connotations. Good news or talks tonight.

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