zoe moon astrologyThe week ahead is all about the Mars/Venus embrace and the New Moon in Aries. The huge boost you are getting from the cosmos to set out on new pathways or take current interests to new levels via your own passion, action and persona should be invigorating. Your love or income may be greatly influenced by what you DO this week. Do NOT fall into the trap of looking to the other person for the answers or leadership, this week it's about what YOU do to move towards what you want in love or around earnings.

The week ahead for ARIES: Wrap up the research, investigations, dealings with institutions, behind the scenes strategies, development, artistic or spiritual endeavor, romantic intrigue, or retreat on Monday. Either have the talk, write it up, sign it, sell it, meet about it, or make some decision because there will be opportunity to

The week is also our last few days of Mercury in Pisces so Monday through Friday you want to have that talk, sign the documents, make the sale or decisions regarding hospitals, research, film, music, art, spiritual interests, a private romantic interest, dealing with addictions, retreat, or investigations. This will get focused for you on Monday when you get more information about this or you feel ready to make a choice.

The week ahead for TAURUS: Monday will bring your thoughts and feelings together over aspirations, any social interests, the internet, group activities, friends, astrology, or charities. It's important that you communicate or make some decisions here today because on Thursday and Saturday there will be opportunities for you in these situations. Tuesday gets you moving in the

Mercury entering Aries on Saturday gives the weekend more pizzazz than we've had in quite some time, with lots of fired up conversations and ideas, passionate meetings, angry outbursts, or motivated local activities.

The week ahead for GEMINI: Some pretty big goals or career matters loom on Monday, for those of you dealing with parents or bosses, this hits some turning point as well. It's a day to follow your inner guidance and tune into any inspiration you get, making choices or gathering information. What comes today will link directly into

Tuesday gets you ready for the New Moon energy boost on Wednesday so expect to spend some time on your needs or identity, image or brand, body or personal goals. Make adjustments on Tuesday regarding finances, sex, divorce, and the authority figures involved.

The week ahead for CANCER: The inspiration and insight rises up over travel plans, weddings, educational interests, media, marketing, publishing, or legal matters, or any political or religious ideals on Monday. Talk things out, write them up, sign them, or make some choices here today because there will be more opportunity coming on

Wednesday is the NEW MOON so you have 2 strong weeks from today to make things happen. It's good for reinventing yourself, taking on a new name or title, make-overs, physical conditioning, tending to your body's health concerns, pushing the brand out there, new wardrobe or hairstyles, and working on how your ego leads your life. Again because Mars and Venus are so integrated with this Moon it is great for taking responsibility for yourself in areas of love and money as well. What can YOU do that will get you stronger and more capable, ready for love or money? DO IT.

The week ahead for LEO: Something inspired or Karmic is coming to the fore on Monday and will play out around sexual attractions or issues, reproductive needs, divorce, or some major financial topic that you find yourself in. Look for news or offers coming in, information compiled, agreements or decisions being pivotal, sales or meetings, writing or short trips, all being part of what you should

Thursday will turn energy to earning money with some good flow around inspired ideas, serious support from others and goals being reached.

The week ahead for VIRGO: There is something inspired, magical, Karmic, or meditative going on for you on Monday regarding a partner, agent, attorney, specialist, client, competitor, opponent, or other key relationship. This energy is trying to give you a fresh start now through ideas, news, offers, sales, agreements, writing, talks, meetings, siblings, neighbors, vehicles, electronics, or decisions so give it some

Friday Pluto Retrogrades and will stay in backwards motion from now through September 20th. This is going to give you a break where heavy handed energy is working on you. Pluto rules sex, divorce, shared financials, death, triangles, power, control, manipulations, and the underworld. It destroys and rebuilds. In Capricorn this has been goal oriented, has affected your status, career, ambitions, goals, or played out through authority figures like judges, the boss, parents, etc. In Retrograde motion you will have this ease up a bit and will get this period to take care of anything still in this mix that is not working for you, revisit past people or situations here and release what should be purged.

The week ahead for LIBRA: Monday will get you inspired or help you to come to a decision about work, a co-worker, employee, the paperwork, health interests, or animals. That's your focus and any writing, agreements, sales, short trips, talks, meetings, or choices you can make here today can lead to opportunity on Thursday and Saturday so open it up. Tuesday will begin to build to the New Moon on

Saturn and Uranus make an inconjunct today as well so adjustments around changes, freedom, limits, responsibilities, and goals will be part of the day and focus again on Pluto's realm of sex life, divorce, financial matters, death, triangles, power, or control.

The week ahead for SCORPIO: Monday will bring talks, offers, writing, agreements, sales, and decisions involving creative projects, your love life or the kids. Get inspired and dream big because what you put together today holds real opportunity on Thursday and Saturday. Tuesday will turn attention to work, health, paperwork, and pets as you begin to

The weekend is in Gemini Moon's domain so expect it to be active out there locally or through short trips, filled with flirtations, talks, meetings, ideas, offers, sales, agreements, writing, siblings, neighbors, vehicles, electronics, and decisions. Or at least some of these topics will be focal for you. Mercury is now in Aries as of Saturday evening so that adds dimension to the conversations going on as they will hold more passion or anger and be action oriented.

The week ahead for SAGITTARIUS: Monday brings some inspiration or new Karmic energy around home, family, roommates, moves, or real estate. See if you can open up talks, deal with news, offers, sales, writing, or agreements over these themes today because there will be opportunity stemming from

Continue to adjust to the shifts brought about on Friday, doing some give and take over sexual interests, divorce, finances, triangles, control, and how you deal with the power people, goals, career, or status. If you are ready for a look at what is going on for you personally with all this wild energy, you can inquire about rates and dates for a private reading with Zoe where she will delve into your unique birth chart with you and look at your direction, challenges and opportunities. Email zoemoonastrology@gmail.com for more.

Want more? To read a full weekly moon forecast for each sign, go to Zoe's blog To schedule a reading with Zoe email http://zoemoonastrology@gmail.com or call 818-613-6067 .


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