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New science is indicating that memory is stored in water and we as human beings are memory banks due to our high water composition. So don't be surprised as you enter this week if you are finding yourself drawn into your memories, emotions drawn to the past, to your scrapbooks, history, family, childhood, or longings.

The week ahead for ARIES: Work out the adjustments on MONDAY regarding agreements, talks, meetings, writing, sales, or decisions and keep a spirit of give and take. You are dealing with some weighty topics here and shared responsibilities so listen as well as communicate. TUESDAY and WEDNESDAY are all about the Cancer...(read more)

We are building to the Full Moon in water and emotion sign, Cancer. This is a time to connect with your treasure trove of memories, to honor your roots in life, to celebrate the joy they've brought you and release what you are holding onto that pains you.

The week ahead for TAURUS: MONDAY will be busy for you making money or in communications over earning potential, for some the focus will be more on the purchase or possessions. Adjustments are required today in this matter so expect to give and take around key relationships and any legal, travel, educational, media, marketing, or...(read more)

Expect this to be strongest MONDAY through WEDNESDAY as we build towards the peak. MONDAY will ask for adjustments. You may need to talk with someone or they are reaching out to you, the writing, agreements, sales, or decisions will need some fine tuning. The commitments about the financial situation, mortality issues, divorce, sex life, or birth are part of the subject matter as will be a focus on the woman in question, your love life or income. Give and take today.

The week ahead for GEMINI: You really should give your feelings and expectations some weight on MONDAY. You have needs and today it's important that you let them be known on the job, in pursuit of work, over paperwork, with health concerns, or the animals. Then adapt around limits, endings or commitments you can...(read more)

TUESDAY the building Full Moon energy is meeting up with the Uranus/Pluto square which makes this a highly active, motivated, frustrated, or volatile day of changes. Sudden new directions appear, upheavals that rebirth the situation, deeper understanding, transformations, soul connections, massive goals aimed high, one-on-one moments with the boss, parent or other authority in the mix, all as you are feeling the emotional build-up towards tomorrow's peak Moon topic.

The week ahead for CANCER: If you can rest a bit on MONDAY do so, if not use the day to recover, research, work behind the scenes, develop, investigate, get into artistic or spiritual pursuits, deal with hospitals or other institutions, or hole up with your lover. Whichever road you go down there will be adjustments in the...(read more)

WEDNESDAY is the FULL MOON in Cancer. Today you have reached a summit with your home, family, parent, roommate, move, renovation, real estate needs, history, childhood matters, emotional investment, or security needs. It is over or you have met your goals and are celebrating achievements, or both. Jupiter sits with this moment so feelings are over the top, big. Jupiter protects, it is about Faith and belief, it expands the horizons around this matter. It may mean that there will be some legal, travel, educational, foreign, media, marketing, wedding, religious, or political themes tied to what is peaking today.

The week ahead for LEO: MONDAY calls for adjustments, so ask what your aspirations are or what it is you need from friends, groups, the internet, or your freedom, then adapt where home, real estate, family, work, paperwork, health, or animals are concerned. TUESDAY and WEDNESDAY are emotionally charged as the Full Moon...(read more)

The week ahead for VIRGO: MONDAY it's down to business through tweaking what you can via phone calls, talks, meetings, writing, agreements, vehicles, siblings, neighbors, sales, electronics, the kids, your lover, creative projects, or fun. What are your goals, how does career status play in, is there something with a boss,...(read more)

Venus is opposite WEDNESDAY'S Full Moon so there is a relationship with a woman you are balancing, perhaps your mother or a female boss/authority figure, or you will be balancing this peak with Venus themes such as Love or your personal income needs. Saturn is making it serious regarding the shared financial situation, the mortality issue, birth, sex life, divorce, or third party needs. Saturn is harmonious to this moment you are reaching so expect that you can cement something beneficial or that there is some finality or commitment to the situation that is timely.

The week ahead for LIBRA: MONDAY heats things up with legal, travel, educational, media, or wedding needs and asks that you make adjustments involving income, possessions, purchases, hospitals, the artistic interest, spiritual need, romantic approach, or research. TUESDAY and WEDNESDAY build to the Full Moon climax and for...(read more)

The only energy that is at a stress angle on WEDNESDAY is Mars in Libra so you may have to jump into something with a partner, agent, attorney, specialist, competitor, opponent, or other key person over what is occurring or they may be amped up, passionate, angry, or motivating the situation forward. This square can be good for moving things along, just watch out for outbursts.

The week ahead for SCORPIO: MONDAY make adjustments around financial needs, the divorce, sex, or third parties, the more you show you can give and take the better for you. TUESDAY and WEDNESDAY build to the Full Moon climax involving your legal needs, educational aspirations, wedding plans, media venture, marketing ideas,...(read more)

THURSDAY that partner, rep, client, specialist, competitor, or other relationship is again highly active so you are moving things forward with them or they are amped up and active. Today it focuses on the woman, love or income goal and what's needs to happen. Leo Moon has taken over so kids, love, creative projects, or recreational needs will fuel emotions and the adjustment to Neptune means that some give and take here is a good thing. Rest, dreams, intuition, hospitals, healing, or your artistic, spiritual or romantic needs will guide what you are adapting around these topics. Tune in to Zoe's Show TONIGHT at 8pm est/ 5pm pst for more about what's coming up!

The week ahead for SAGITTARIUS: MONDAY is about adapting around partners, reps, clients, specialists, competitors, or other key people regarding the income, possessions, purchases, hospital, research, art, romance, or spiritual needs. TUESDAY and WEDNESDAY build emotionally to the Full Moon peak involving your financial...(read more)

FRIDAY Mercury and Uranus dance, oh and dance they do! This is some genius energy so take full advantage of it to write down ideas, choose something different, awaken yourself to changes or excitement with friends, groups, the internet, astrology, charities, freedom, inventions, or original concepts. If you get an invitation spur of the moment, it's probably a good thing. Again the Leo Moon is adjusting so making adjustments around the kids, lover, creative projects, or recreational plans will again be part of the flow.

The week ahead for CAPRICORN: MONDAY hones in on work, health, paperwork, or animal needs and asks that you make personal adjustments and get serious about friends, groups, the internet, social networking, gatherings, or aspirations. TUESDAY and WEDNESDAY build to the Full Moon in your relationship zone and it is going...(read more)

SATURDAY brings up serious needs with the financial picture, mortality issue, reproductive needs, sex life, or divorce. You should look at whatever is going on with your love life, kids, creative projects, or need for fun in the light of what you first should deal with in the above 'get real' themes. More adjustments ensue. You may be adapting around the parent, boss, career, or personal goals.

The week ahead for AQUARIUS: MONDAY asks for adjustments when it comes to your creative, love, kid, or recreational needs and the goals you have, your career, status, the authority figures, and what's going on behind the scenes. TUESDAY and WEDNESDAY build on an emotional level to the Full Moon high point on the work front,...(read more)

SUNDAY the Sun moves into Aquarius. For the next 30 days we will move from our physical and personal focus so pinpointed on the goals, career, boss, parent, or other authority figure, and start to step into our light in our social circle, with friends, groups, the internet, astrology, charities, our need for freedom, our inventions, original ideas, and causes. To this end there is a talk or decision today regarding this that will mean adjustments around home, real estate, family, moves, parents, roommates, or renovations. Virgo Moon is in a happy mood today so there is plenty of energy working for you to organize, de-clutter, clean, tend to details, do the work, hire help, go after the job, sign paperwork, get your health needs covered, or spend time with animals, all good.

The week ahead for PISCES: MONDAY gives you time to take care of needs at home, with real estate, family, parents, roommates, moves, or renovations by adapting around the legal, travel, educational, wedding, media, social, internet, or charity side of things. TUESDAY and WEDNESDAY will build to the Full Moon peak in...(read more)

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