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Something astounding begins to take place this week. The energy above has gathered in a configuration called a Grand Trine. This pattern is indicative of talent and skill flowing in harmony with success and opportunity. This pattern will hold it's position for the next 2 weeks and involve Mercury and Venus in Cancer, Saturn in Scorpio and Neptune and Chiron in Pisces. This activates the water signs stirring the talent pool, emotional breakthroughs, romance, spiritual evolution, deeper commitments, intimate connections, home and property interests, financial empowerment, and the offers, proposals, agreements, sales, and decisions you need to get to where you are going.

The week ahead for ARIES: There are 2 areas you should be pouring everything in the week ahead: making money and anything tied to home, real estate, moves, family, parents, roommates, or renovations. Monday is the day to talk, meet, write, sign agreements, negotiate terms, pitch ideas, or get out there locally over these topics. Tuesday through Thursday is about earning or any

By the time that Mercury and Venus move out of this formation, Jupiter will be moving into it and things are going to get even bigger. We haven't had luck like this in a VERY LONG TIME. Make it count.

The week ahead for TAURUS: Your week ahead is brimming with possibilities when it comes to writing, agreements, sales, meetings, offers, interviews, auditions, ideas, proposals, pitches, short trips, vehicles, electronics, siblings, neighbors, moves, and anything focusing on you, your body, brand, identity, or agenda. Monday opens this up big time, get in there with partners, representatives, clients, or

Monday the trine is active with Mercury at the helm. Take meetings, sign contracts, propose ideas, accept offers, write, sell, talk, and focus on home, moves, real estate deals, parents, family, roommates, security needs, history, and any financial, divorce or sexual interests in the mix.

The week ahead for GEMINI: The week ahead is a major one for you when it comes to earning money and anything you are doing behind the scenes, in development, through research, on film, music or art, with spiritual pursuits, clandestine romance, dealing with institutions, or strategies. I can't emphasize it enough that this week is unlike previous ones, the energy flow is strongly pushing you

Tuesday through Thursday is your opportunity to make money or set some new level of value around your needs. These days are powerful and loaded with opportunity so do what you can to work it. Home, real estate, family, moves, renovations, roommates, parents, and security figure favorably into what you do.

The week ahead for CANCER: Are you ready, Cancer? You are one of the water signs about to receive direct blessings from the cosmos in the weeks ahead and it starts now. You should do everything you can in the week ahead to focus your efforts on your body, image, identity, brand, personal goals, aspirations, friendships, internet interests, group affiliations, charities, astrology interests, and

Friday Venus takes her turn in the Grand Trine, again pushing home, real estate, family, parents, roommates, moves, renovations, and security but now involving love, income or women in positive and inspired ways. You are one-on-one with some power person today. Neptune Retrogrades bringing a shift around dreams, isolation, hospitals, research, investigations, behind the scenes antics, secrets, clandestine romance, film, music, art, spiritual interests, or developmental projects. Any past opportunities tied to these themes should be revisited so remain open to what arrives now.

The week ahead for LEO: A Grand Trine begins to escalate opportunities and highlight talents for you this week and it will focus on film, music, art, dance, poetry, sculpture, psychic abilities, magic, meditation, yoga, clandestine romance, hospitals, retreats, dealing with addictions, research, investigations, and development. You must throw yourself into what calls you in these areas this week and

Saturday is the NEW MOON in Gemini. You now have the best 2 week window to launch new ideas, writing projects, agreements, sales, or take things to the next level. This is your fresh start with siblings, neighbors, vehicles, electronics, moves, local activities, or short trips as well. Be communicative and push ahead. An adjustment over something financial, sexual or divorce related arrives today and something you hear or say about home, moves, real estate, family, roommates, parents, or security is going to jar things a bit.

The week ahead for VIRGO: You enter into a Grand Trine that is about to make things so much better for you and the areas of life that this will influence will be around your aspirations, friendships, group interests, internet pursuits, astrological interests, charities, social networking, and causes. Make your week about what you can do here and also focus on any legal, travel, foreign, import/export, media, marketing, publishing, educational, or

Sunday the Moon takes her place in the Grand Trine, bringing emotional interests to bear in harmonious and expansive ways. Again home, property, moves, parents, family, roommates, or security is the focus. It's a lucky day.

The week ahead for LIBRA: It is a magical week ahead for you as the Grand Trine begins to move you into the perfect alignment for career, goals, reputation, fame, leadership, dealing with authority figures, and your ambitions. You should focus everything you have here in the week ahead and look for loans, investments, insurance or tax interests, commissions, royalties, alimony or

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