zoe moon astrologyMonday and Tuesday this week will aid you in tackling anything you have going on at home or with moves, roommates or family, parents or renovations, real estate deals or security needs, so plan on motivating on these needs now.

The week ahead for ARIES: Monday and Tuesday are all about your house, what you are doing there and whom with, any real estate needs, or subjects involving family or roommates. Monday focus on the outside financial resources in this or how divorce or sex life is affected or influencing things. Tuesday put more attention on earning money or spending on something that helps your aims. Tuesday as a trigger date for last week's Eclipse may

Monday this will align nicely with what you do behind the scenes. This may involve research, strategies, artistic approaches, some romantic tryst, spiritual interest, or dealing with institutions. You should be able to cement a financial, sexual or divorce matter relating to home or property as well.

The week ahead for TAURUS: Monday and Tuesday will focus on talks, meetings, writing, agreements, sales, and decisions for you. Most likely these will mean something about your home, real estate needs, renovations, family, or roommates but definitely about needs to feel secure or nurtured. Monday this will align with partners, agents, attorneys, specialists, clients, and other key people in serious ways, commit or cement things. Tuesday will bring up

Tuesday the Uranus/Pluto influence is active on the home, property, family, move, or roommate matter so new approaches, freeing yourself, and dealing with heavy third party situations are on tap. Mars is on your side however when it comes to motivating on anything that brings you value, earns you money or helps you purchase so gear it up.

The week ahead for GEMINI: Monday and Tuesday will be money oriented for you, out earning it or dealing with valuables and acquisitions. Monday this will focus on some dreamy or inspired goal or put you in touch with someone in a power position to help. Do the serious work and see things move ahead. Tuesday it will show you any needs to be taken care of involving outside resources, the divorce or some attraction in the mix. You may find you are

Tuesday is also a trigger date from last Thursday's Solar Eclipse so there may be something peering out at you regarding the fresh start with income or valuables. Eclipse out worn-out ideas or issues and launch in better directions.

The week ahead for CANCER: Monday and Tuesday will help you hone in on your body or any personal needs you may have. Monday this will flow around legal, travel, media, marketing, publishing, educational, or wedding plans in positive ways. You should be cementing something serious with love, kids or creative interests. Tuesday you will see any issues come up around goals, career, a parent, boss, judge, or other authority figure, and be dealing

Wednesday through Friday turn attention away from property or grounded needs and towards fun, creativity, love, and kids. These days are great for letting your muse out, planning some recreational activities, pushing creative projects ahead, and spending time with loved ones.

The week ahead for LEO: Monday and Tuesday will work best when you are focusing on what you can pull back and do behind the scenes or in some artistic, spiritual or romantic way. You may be dealing with hospitals or other institutions, in research, helping with an addiction, resting up, or in development on a project. Monday the finances, sex life or divorce will be key in what you do here. Get serious at home or with property or

Wednesday also brings you more news or opportunities to tweek the finances, sex life, divorce, or other shared agenda. If you have any last property or family needs to take care of do so before 6:38pm eastern because after that you will want to get into matters of the heart or creative needs. Do you need to talk to someone about your love life or the kids or introduce creative concepts or projects? Start this evening.

The week ahead for VIRGO: Monday and Tuesday will be socially charged up so spend time pursuing aspirations, with friends, groups, online, over astrology or charities, or do some social networking. Monday this is linked to a partner, agent, attorney, specialist, client, or other key person in an inspired way. Get serious about talks or decisions today. Tuesday will bring up any changes or issues involving the big financial matters, a

Thursday the creative efforts or love life and kids will come up against any of those financial, sexual, divorce, or third party issues in the mix so expect to get real about some of this along the way today. Talks and agreements are under smoother stars so you should be able to meet up or come to terms and express the love or monetary needs positively.

The week ahead for LIBRA: Monday and Tuesday are going to be goal oriented so hunker down on career or get in there with the boss, parent, judge, or other power person to pursue goals. Monday you will see that this is tied to the work you do or pursue, your health needs or pets. You should be able to make solid money today or cement something one way or the other towards earnings. Tuesday will bring up any changes or issues you have with

Friday Mars will push the need for love, lover, kids, creative efforts, or recreational needs up a notch when it comes to making money or spending, feeling valued or the solid foundations you are building upon. Jupiter in the mix most of the day will bode well for happy talks or prosperous outlets in all of this so think big.

The week ahead for SCORPIO: Monday and Tuesday will put your focus on media, marketing, travel, legal, educational, wedding, or publishing interests. Monday this will inspire you over creative efforts, your love life or kids and help you to get serious about your own needs, commitments, identity, brand, or body. Tuesday shake-ups come through paperwork, the job or job search, health needs, or pets, and bring you into

Saturday and Sunday the Virgo Moon takes over urging us to organize, clean things up, do the work, tend to health, and spend time with animals. Saturday is also a blockbuster of energy around talks, writing, offers, news, sales, agreements, short trips, and decision making. You may involve a brother, sister or neighbor, or focus some energy on your electronics or vehicles as well.

The week ahead for SAGITTARIUS: Monday and Tuesday will be about sex, finances or divorce and getting in touch with deeper feelings over these themes. Monday this will focus tightly with what occurs at home, with a move, real estate matter, roommate, family need, or security issue. You should be solidifying things behind the scenes. Tuesday will bring up any sudden changes or surprises involving creative projects, lovers or kids and put you one on one

Sunday goals are reachable in all of this or you may just find more motivation over earning or spending that goes your way. There will be something that you are dealing with verbally with a woman or over love or earnings that pushes you out over the top a bit, good for going big, just don't over extend!

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