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What a BIG WEEK ahead my dears! You have survived the Uranus/Pluto square and 3 Eclipses, you rock hard and didn't know it :) Now the universe begins to give back, (just wait til you read what June is bringing), and it starts this week.

The week ahead for ARIES: Your week is about to get big where talks, meetings, agreements, offers, news, sales, short trips, moves, vehicles, electronics, siblings, neighbors, writing, or decisions are concerned. Monday it begins and asks that you speak up or pitch ideas, ask for what you need or negotiate terms. Be willing to adjust where finances, sex, divorce, or third parties are concerned. Tuesday again puts an emphasis on

Monday Mercury and Jupiter embrace for their one and only powwow in 12 years with both of them in Gemini. So what does this mean? That the news, offers, ideas, meetings, talks, agreements, sales, writing, and decisions, not to mention the local activities, short trips, moves, vehicle or electronic interests, or interaction with siblings or neighbors, is under the most expansive, protective and lucky combination today! OPEN UP PEOPLE. They won't get together for another 12 years here. Seed it today. Saturn is doing his typical thing, asking you get real about any financial, sexual, reproductive, life and death, or divorce situation and make any tweaks here so do give it some attention as well.

The week ahead for TAURUS: Think big on Monday when it comes to making money, buying things, being valued, or dealing with possessions. You are in a very lucky position to ask for what you need, sign things, write them, sell them, or find yourself on the end of a lucrative offer. You may have to contend with adjustments involving a partner, rep, client, or other person to make it so but it shouldn't slow you down. Tuesday

Tuesday Venus and Jupiter embrace for their one and only powwow in 12 years in the sign of Gemini. Uh huh, I told ya. So now you have love, income, beauty, women, and pleasure getting together in the realm of lucky or expansive meetings, talks, writing, agreements, sales, short trips, local activities, moves, ideas, decisions, etc. Both days are opening your horizons significantly. Both days may bring Jupiter themes into the picture which would include legal matters, media, marketing, publishing, broadcasting, publicity, travel, weddings, or higher education. Say yes, dream big, share.

The week ahead for GEMINI: Wow, Gemini, are you ready for this week?! Monday is all about you in a very big way, your presence may be summoned for some opportunity or an offer may be made, you may see your speaking on something, writing, signing documents, selling something, or doing something that gets your image, brand, identity, or physical self out there on some new level. Ideas and decisions made now have huge

Wednesday the Aquarius Moon is social and cause oriented, urging friendships, group activities, breaking free and expressing originality, online interests, time in astrology or for charities, and pursuit of your aspirations. Aquarian ruler, Uranus, is all over it so there is excitement and change in the air that is like a live wire. Saturn again comes to hold onto your skirt tails and sober the vibe over his interests, as if you could forget them: finances, sex, death, birth, divorce, and triangles. So again you may have to get real about some of this today.

The week ahead for CANCER: Lucky and expansive things are happening for you this week Cancer and will focus on what you have in the works in secret or through strategies, in the arts, film, music, painting, poetry, in spiritual pursuits, with magic, psychic abilities, meditation, yoga, tackling addictions, recuperating, holing up with your romantic partner, dealing with hospitals or other institutions, or dreaming and letting your

Thursday the Aquarius Moon aligns with Mercury, Venus and Jupiter in Gemini, oh yeah babies!!! If ever there was a day to commit to your soul tribe, to get your ideas or writing out there, to deal with agreements or sales, to meet, talk, get out locally, make a short trip, do something with brothers, sisters, neighbors, moves, vehicles, or electronics, this is it. Look at ways your friends, groups, the internet, astrology, charities, social networking, and your aspirations hold potential to open up and expand in connection with all of this and then move ahead on it.

The week ahead for LEO: It's a week to go big with your aspirations, friends, groups, charities, social networking, and internet interests Leo. Monday there is enormous luck behind the talks, meetings, writing, sales, and agreements here so open up and make it so. You will have to adjust around something at home, with renovations, moves, roommates, family, or real estate but don't let it hold you back. Tuesday again takes

Friday the Pisces Moon kicks in aligning in harmonious ways with Saturn, Neptune and Pluto so it is a power day for your inspiration, Karmic balance in your world, your artistic projects or interests, any spiritual practices, magic, research, development, dealings with institutions, aid with addictions, and what you can do to cement goals, make empowering changes, deal with authority figures, cement financial, sexual or divorce needs, and transform the situation. If you can dream it today there is a whole lot of power lined up behind you to make it so. Mercury moves into Cancer today bringing more nurturing, grounding and homey feel to our thoughts and communications. Mars moves into Gemini getting our passions, anger or motivation into the realm of talks, meetings, agreements, sales, writing, and decisions. He will gear things up out on the road, with moves, vehicles, electronics, siblings, neighbors, short trips, and local experience in the weeks ahead as well so careful out there but you can really make things happen.

The week ahead for VIRGO: This should be a banner week for you on the career front, with a major goal, a parent, boss, judge, or other authority figure, or with achievements and leadership Virgo. Monday pushes it right out there with big talks, offers, writing, agreements, sales, or decisions so open up and make your needs known or say yes. Something legal, travel, media, educational, or wedding related may

Saturday the Sun makes his appearance adjusting to Pluto and dancing with Uranus. This means you will be getting into things physically or personally today, showing up, shaking things up and sparkling in some powerful, exciting way, but adjusting to the changes or power people that hold goals, career, reputation, fame, or some ambition in tow.

The week ahead for LIBRA: It's a very big week for you in areas of media, marketing, publishing, education, legal matters, weddings, travel plans, or broadcasting Libra. Monday this begins with over the top offers, talks, meetings, sales, writing, agreements, or decisions that should open this up wide. You will need to make some adjustment when it comes to income. Tuesday again pushes it further out there but today

Sunday Venus moves into Cancer and starts to work her magic at home, with security needs, moves, real estate deals, renovations, family, and roommates. Things should begin to smooth out or you will see an ability to attract love or income here more easily. Women may become a big thing in this part of your chart in the weeks ahead as well. Aries Moon is in charge today so your own needs and motivations will hold sway. Pushing things here as well as over local activities, writing, agreements, sales, and the big goals or power people you are dealing with will be the surge of most of your time. Getting ready for June's blessings, here you go.

The week ahead for SCORPIO: It's a major week ahead for you in the areas of financial resources, sex, death, birth, and divorce. Monday this gets underway with information going over the top and taking something bigger via offers, writing, agreements, sales, talks, or decisions. You may have something legal, travel, media, broadcasting, publishing, educational, or wedding related tied to this big information. Tuesday takes it even further but today

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