zoe moon astrologyIt's important to work on the Taurean interests this week so that you are ready to eclipse something out here and launch in some bold new way with the New Moon Solar Eclipse on the 9th. To this end tackle income needs, your self-worth or sense of value, possessions, acquisitions, and things you are building.

The week ahead for ARIES: Income, possessions, being valued, building on something, it's important for you this week. Monday take care of you, make adjustments with outside financial concerns or interests, divorce issues, sexual matters, death, or reproduction, and look clearly at any goal, authority figure or career needs that holds an issue for you. Tuesday talks and action come together over

Monday Aries Moon is still strong so taking care of yourself, your body, image, brand, ego, identity, or needs will be important. Look to adjustments with the financial situation, sex life, reproductive need, death, or divorce, and changes occurring with authority figures, career or goals.

The week ahead for TAURUS: Who you are and who you are becoming, your body, identity, image, brand, and personal needs, sense of worth, earning potential and what you are building upon, are very important this week Taurus. Monday you will get a chance to pull back and work on something behind the scenes or to get artistic, romantic, spiritual, deal with institutions, addictions, or research and make

Tuesday the income, possessions, values, and worth come into view as you make some effective strides towards those goals, authority figures or career matters and take actions that propel you forward.

The week ahead for GEMINI: What you are doing behind the scenes, Karmically, with film, music, art, meditation, yoga, magic, psychic abilities, the muse, imagination, hospitals, addictions, retreat, private romantic interludes, research, investigations, rest, research, investigations, or development will be very important this week. Monday an aspiration or your involvement online, with friends, groups, astrology, or

Wednesday the theme continues but today there is opportunity to earn or feel valued through efforts behind the scenes, artistic abilities, spiritual pursuits, clandestine romance, hospitals, dealing with addictions, research, investigations, or development. You will be dealing with someone over any serious issues involving loans, settlements, bankruptcy, inheritance, insurance, taxes, or any other financial matter, or it will focus in on the sex life, divorce, death, or reproductive needs.

The week ahead for CANCER: Your aspirations, friendships, group affiliations, online interests, astrology pursuits, charitable outlets, social events or networking, and causes are very important this week. Monday you will want to look at goals, career or authority figures and see how you can adjust around creative needs, love, kids, and the changes or triangles playing out with partners, representatives, clients, or competitors. Tuesday the focus goes

Thursday is the NEW MOON SOLAR ECLIPSE and one of the bigger new beginnings you've had in a while to launch in new directions or amp things up to a new level when it comes to your income, possessions, values, worth, or what you are building. Communicate, respond to information, look at agreements, sales, offers, and ideas, take action, and involve those in positions to help you achieve. Venus moves into Gemini today and smoothes out communications, transportation, what's going on with siblings, neighbors, vehicles, electronics, moves, local activities, short trips, writing, sales, and agreements in the weeks ahead. Love will take on a more flirtatious energy and you may find you have 2 interests now. Income will be open to ideas and decisions, talks and meetings, sales and agreements, writing and local activities.

The week ahead for LEO: Career, goals, ambitions, reputation, fame, status, leadership, parents, bosses, judges, other authority figures, and achievements will be important for you this week. Monday you will want to face any legal, travel, media, educational, or wedding needs and make adjustments at home, with real estate, family, moves, roommates, renovations, and the changes evolving around work, health, paperwork, or

Friday the Moon and Venus sit together so there is a new beginning involving your feelings about love, a woman or income today. You may have an idea that counts or a meeting that opens things up, write something that brings your emotions to the fore or get involved in a sale or short trip that is lucrative. If you are out in the neighborhood or running about today it will likely involve spending, earning or love.

The week ahead for VIRGO: Legal matters, travel plans, foreign interests, higher education, media, marketing or publishing avenues, weddings, political direction, or religious outlets will be important for you this week Virgo. Monday you should focus on any adjustments you need to make around some big financial matter, divorce, sexual need, death, third party situation, and how your creative projects, love life or

Saturday brings some news or talks that require adjustments about the financial picture, divorce, sex life, death, or reproductive need, as well as with the parent, boss, judge, or other authority figure, career direction or major goal. The good news is there is a Sun/Mercury conjunction today that sends out good energy around you and your income potential, sense of value or worth, and lets you shine.

The week ahead for LIBRA: Loans, debt, settlements, commissions, investments, alimony, child support, taxes, insurance, mortgages, refinancing, bankruptcy, inheritance, or any other type of outside financial resource, divorce, your sex life, life or death situations, or reproductive needs, will be very important this week. Monday you should focus in on a partner, representative, specialist, client, competitor, or other

Sunday the Moon and Jupiter meet in Gemini. This is going to take feelings about a writing project, agreement, sale, sibling, neighbor, move, vehicle, electronic, idea, talk, meeting, short trip, local activity, or decision to a very broad level. It is growth oriented, it may bring expansion, luck, happiness, prosperity, or bring your beliefs and ideas together in some magnanimous way.

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