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It's getting better, yes it is. The week ahead will help you with the paperwork, job, health need, or animals, get you into some action with the partners, reps, clients, specialists, or the competition, and open up some opportunity in financial, sexual or divorce proceedings.

The week ahead for ARIES: It's a good week ahead. MONDAY get organized, tackle work, pursue healthy habits or outlets, spend time with animals, and tend to the details. Goals can be met. TUESDAY and WEDNESDAY are days to involve partners, reps, clients, specialists, or do what you can about the competition. Tuesday...(read more)

MONDAY is organizing day, get your papers together, straighten up your desk or clean out computer files, put in effort at work or on the job search, hire people to help if need be, figure out a way to get healthier and do something about it, and pull together what you need for your pets. The aspects favor efforts, opening up potential to reach goals and cement a thing or two to your liking/or benefit.

The week ahead for TAURUS: There's much to accomplish this week! MONDAY is creative or helps you connect with lovers or kids to tackle important matters. Reach out to partners, reps, clients, specialists, others are helpful now. TUESDAY and WEDNESDAY will turn attention to work, health, pets, and paperwork. Tuesday puts you...(read more)

The week ahead for GEMINI: Your week holds promise starting on MONDAY with good energy around what you do at home, over real estate deals, with a parent, your family, roommate, a move, or renovations. It's a good day to cement paperwork, get the work done, tackle health or animal needs, and organize. TUESDAY and...(read more)

TUESDAY and WEDNESDAY are all about who you know and what you do about it. These days are going to focus in on your partner (romantic or business), your agent, attorney, manager, producer, clients, specialists, competitors, or opponents. Both days will align with your aspirations so it behooves you to connect with them since the aspects are supportive.

The week ahead for CANCER: Your week is looking up starting with MONDAY and the news you hear, agreements signed or offered, sales made, meetings or talks you engage in, writing projects or speaking roles, and the way this opens things up in love, with kids, creative projects, run, and those key people like partners, reps,...(read more)

The week ahead for LEO: A good week ahead for you starts on MONDAY with lots of energy around making money, dealing with possessions or making purchases. This ties in nicely to work, paperwork, health, pets, home, real estate, or family, so look to move things along here. TUESDAY and WEDNESDAY will turn focus to your...(read more)

TUESDAY there will be a need for adjustments when it comes to the film, music, art, meditation, yoga, romantic time, hospital, addiction, research, or work behind the scenes. WEDNESDAY it is going to be balls to the wall with whoever you are involved with because the Grand Cross is charged up so set this day aside as your day to hammer things home, push for more, run a bit harder, and be ambitious. Note that any obstacles you encounter today will be there to show you what still needs some attention so take care that you 'get it'.

The week ahead for VIRGO:. The week looks good and this kicks off on MONDAY with positive energy around you and your needs in any creative ventures, with the kids, your love life/lover, or recreational outlets, giving you the opportunity for some serious talks, agreements, offers, meetings, or short trips that benefit. TUESDAY..(read more)

The week ahead for LIBRA: The week begins with positive energy around what you are doing behind the scenes on MONDAY. It's good for art, spiritual practice, romantic union, hospitals, research, rest, or development and aligns nicely to making money, dealing with possessions, purchases, and the home or property. TUESDAY and...(read more)

THURSDAY the energy shifts into the depths of Scorpio and the aspect, there's only one classical aspect today, is positive. So, you can fall into the flow with fantasy, time in retreat and your sex life, get into more positive research or behind the scenes strategies over divorce needs, or deal with the financial needs and what's going on at a hospital or other institution, the research, art project, film, music, spiritual pursuit, or investigation.

The week ahead for SCORPIO: It's a good week ahead and it starts on MONDAY with positive news, talks, offers, agreements, writing, sales, or decisions involving your aspirations, friends, groups, the internet, astrology, charities, or your freedom. TUESDAY and WEDNESDAY will turn your focus to behind the scenes activities so think...(read more)

FRIDAY morning holds some good energy around the talks, news, offers, agreements, sales, or meetings you have involving your aspirations and the action you want from the partner, rep, client, specialist, or other key relationship. You may see this involve a friend, group, the internet, or a charity as well. The rest of the day will again involve Scorpio themes of sex, divorce or financial interests and help you reach goals or do something big at home or involving real estate, moves, renovations, or family.

The week ahead for SAGITTARIUS: The week ahead looks promising and it starts on MONDAY with lots of positive energy on the career front, with the boss, your parent, a judge, or over a personal goal you are all geared up about. There is potential to earn, make purchases or deal with possessions in beneficial ways. TUESDAY and...(read more)

The week ahead for CAPRICORN: The good week ahead of you begins on MONDAY with some positive openings around legal needs, travel plans, media, marketing, publishing, educational pursuits, or weddings. You may cement an aspiration here or find some good solution involving a friend, group, gathering, the internet, astrology,...(read more)

SATURDAY is the only real serious day this week. It may on the one hand help you cement something long term that you are quite ambitious about but it may also bring a 'no' or limit, added responsibility or obstacle to overcome. It involves financial interests, sex or divorce and the aspirations, friend, group, internet, charity, your freedom, originality, or surprise. The thing is, communications are key, you may need to ask for something or you hear it today, it could be about signing papers or a sale that is pending, or involves your writing or speaking about something. Expect to handle responsibilities today and be serious about what is at hand.

The week ahead for AQUARIUS: The week looks bright and it kicks off on MONDAY with powerful movements at work for you financially, in a divorce or sexually. This is aligning positively to what goes on behind the scenes or in secret and helps you cement a goal. TUESDAY and WEDNESDAY turn attention to the travel, legal,...(read more)

SUNDAY the energy turns to faith, adventure, your beliefs, religion, politics, travel plans, legal matters, wedding plans, media or marketing ideas, or educational pursuits. The higher mind is activated and you should plan on throwing yourself into something here. There are positive aspects with a little adjustment when it comes to home, real estate, family, moves, renovations, roommates, or security needs.

The week ahead for PISCES: The week looks promising and it starts on MONDAY with good things coming via the partner, agent, attorney, specialist, clients, or other key players. This will align nicely with your aspirations, social gatherings, the internet, charities, astrology, group activities, legal matters, weddings, media, marketing,...(read more)

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