ZOE MOON ASTROLOGYWhat kind of advice do you want in a week that is about to change things so dramatically? The real truth is that CHANGE is here and will be good for you as it awakens your life, breathing fresh energy and opportunity in its wake so the best advice is embrace the change, it's coming and it is inevitable. Here's how it flows:

The week ahead for ARIES: You are coming into your own this week and a big part of it is about redefining who you are on some level. Monday this will push you to do something about the pending financial issue or to motivate about your sex life, divorce or deal with

Monday Mars continues to move you forward through Aries so you feel motivated, revved up, passionate, or angry and frustrated. This is what Mars does. He is adjusting to Saturn so it's about adjustments with big financial matters, sex, divorce, death, reproduction, triangles, or control. What can you do in the give and take here to get closer to what you need? The Virgo Moon gives us a hand at the paperwork, job, organization, health, or pets, push yourself to put in the time now.

The week ahead for TAURUS: Monday is a call to action behind the scenes, where strategy is concerned, your needs with an institution, research, investigations, art, spiritual interests, romance, or development. Make adjustments with key people to make it so. Virgo Moon is giving you

Tuesday Mars meets up with Jupiter and Pluto. This means a really big talk, meeting, agreement, writing project, speaking role, sale, short trip, vehicle matter, electronic need, offer, news coming in, or decision is on the table today and you will want to see if you can deal with the legalities, media or marketing, education, or travel involved. This looks positive. Pluto will take the position of an authority figure-boss, judge, parent, or the position of a goal, career or ambition. Here you have to deal with some obstacle or challenge to change things through deconstruction and rebirth. Pluto is a heavy weight today and will likely not be the easy part of the day. Again look to the finances, sex, divorce, death, reproduction, triangles, or control and the obstacles this person or situation is presenting to your reaching your goals. Libra Moon kicks in at 5:32pm est and we begin building emotionally to tomorrow's Full Moon culmination.

The week ahead for GEMINI: Monday puts your on the offensive going after things involving friends, groups, aspirations, the internet, astrology, or charities. You will need to make some adjustments to work, paperwork, health, or pets in the mix. The Virgo Moon will help you

Wednesday is the FULL MOON in Libra. This is a whopper. Things climax with or through a key person. It is a time of monumental endings or intense achievements, celebrations and high points. This Moon squares Pluto and opposes Mars, Venus, the Sun, and Uranus. Sudden changes, shocks, surprises, power struggles, triangles, manipulations, personal empowerment, transformation, and an awakening await you today or you have already experienced it in the build-up and are just alight in the peak afterburn. Jupiter squares Chiron so there is news, talks or decisions regarding a wound, possible healing and what is going on behind closed doors, Karmically, at a hospital, with an addiction, isolation, depression, an artistic project, spiritual pursuit, research project, or clandestine affair. Jupiter protects so whatever it is, even if it challenges, He holds his ground on the matter as the protector and you should face this information with that assurance, you are protected.

The week ahead for CANCER: Monday Mars gets you moving on career matters, goals, parents, bosses, or other authority figures. Today you need to overcome something involving creative prospects, love or kids in the mix, see what you can adjust and where you can

Thursday Mercury aligns with Saturn and a decision is made, talks or meetings take place, a sale is cemented, or something local occurs that ties together the financial, sexual, divorce, or death/rebirth matter with what is going on behind the scenes, in retreat, with hospitals, addictions, research, affairs, the arts, or spiritual pursuits. The Sun, Venus and Uranus come together opening up a new cycle regarding your identity, body, image, brand, or personal needs. CHANGE.

The week ahead for LEO: Monday motivates you over the legal, travel, media, educational, or wedding plan. Mars is lighting the fire once again and pushing you to do something about it. As you head into the fray know that an adjustment involving home, family, roommates, moves, renovations, or real estate is

Friday Mercury has hold of the day so more talks, news, meetings, writing, agreements, and decisions are on tap. This is going on in Pisces so behind the scenes, through research, investigations, with hospitals or other institutions, about addictions, clandestine romance, spiritual matters, meditation, yoga, magic, psychic interests, film, music, art, or dreams. Mercury sits with Chiron so a wound is again focused on and any healing that may be possible is looked at. Mercury then meets with Jupiter so things get bigger and may touch on any legal, travel, media, marketing, or educational need. Mercury finally meets Pluto and the career, goal, boss, parent, or other authority figure is part of the story with powerful changes tied into the finances, sex life, divorce, or death/rebirth. Today Jupiter adjusts to Pluto so another turning point like the one we had last Saturday occurs. You must allow your ideas and mind to open and grow in ways that will align with your happiness and prosperity even when coming up against something or someone formidable. CHANGE is in the air.

The week ahead for VIRGO: Monday will motivate you over sex, divorce or some big financial matter. Adjustments are necessary today around the agreements or decisions here, the news or offers coming in, sales in the picture, short trips or local activities, or they involve

Saturday the Sun and Venus inconjunct Saturn. This means you will be making adjustments around sex, divorce, the finances, a death, reproductive matter, triangle, or control. The Sun asks that you take your needs into consideration, deal with image, body, identity, or brand if necessary. Venus asks that you look at love or income in the equation. Saturn asks that you get serious about endings, commitments, responsibilities, ambitions, and structure.

The week ahead for LIBRA: Monday gets you moving on anything involving partners, representatives, clients, the competition, or other key people. You need to make some adjustments here today involving your income or possessions. You also need to

Sunday Venus and the Sun square Pluto pushing for some heavy or intense CHANGE with the authority figure, goal, ambition, or career. Venus dances with Jupiter bringing some happy or lucky news, talks, agreements, writing, or sales into the day. Thank you to Venus and Jupiter, goodness knows we need this and now! The Sagittarius moon aligns with the Sun, Venus and Uranus to bring legal, travel, media, marketing, publishing, educational, or wedding plans into alignment. This should bode well for getting into these subjects and making happier or positive CHANGES. There is however a square to mercury so you may get a 'no' about some part of what you want here or need to rethink your ideas a bit to move it all along as you wish.

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