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Our week ahead brings a second FULL MOON in Aquarius this year! The first occurred on July 22nd at 0 degrees of the sign and this week we get our next chapter of this big story peaking on TUESDAY the 20th at 28 degrees of the sign. So, think back, what was climaxing in your life that involved an aspiration, your freeing yourself from something, an original concept, or a cause then, what else is culminating now? Round 2 will help you wrap things up or note an ending or you will find that things are coming through for you as you achieve your ends or celebrate the high point. Aquarius also rules our friends, social networking, the internet, astrology, groups, charities, and gatherings so there may be something happening in a big way here as well.

The week ahead for ARIES: You feel the Full Moon building on MONDAY as your aspirations are peaking or you feel something with a friend, party, group, astrology, charity, the internet, your personal freedom, or original idea, is coming to a head. There will be a serious focus on the finances, sex or divorce in all of this and a need to commit or end something here. Venus adjusts to Neptune today asking that you make adjustments with...(read more)

MONDAY will be preparing you for that climactic Moon so you may be getting serious about a few matters and how things are being shared or controlled. Is there a financial matter that needs your attention? Do you need to address some issues on the sexual or reproductive front? Or is there a divorce matter or third party situation that requires your focus? The Venus/Neptune inconjunct is important today as well because it will be how you ADJUST starting today with the partner, agent, attorney, specialist, client, opponent, or other key player that will determine how the love or money flows next week. Where can you give a little?

The week ahead for TAURUS: MONDAY builds to the Full Moon so you will feel that you are under pressure to reach a goal or with something climaxing on the career front today. It's good to set some boundaries or deal with limits, ambitions, commitments, or endings with your partner, agent, attorney, specialist, client, or opponent in preparation. You can achieve good things behind the scenes or in secret. The adjustment between...(read more)

The week ahead for GEMINI: MONDAY begins the 2 day process of energy building to the Full Moon so you will be feeling something intensely when it comes to a trip, legal matter, educational pursuit, media, marketing or publishing deal, or wedding. Today it is best to tend to the work involved or any paperwork, health concern or animal need so it can come together. Venus and Neptune are inconjunct so you really need...(read more)

TUESDAY the Full Moon peaks at 9:45pm eastern/6:45pm pacific. As we build to this during the day Mercury gets involved across the board bringing up any news, offers, sales, agreements, speaking roles, ideas, meetings, talks, or decisions between you and another. Again the Full Moon topics are involved: friends, groups, the internet, astrology, charities, freedom, originality, or gatherings, and with Mercury in Leo there is some communication going on with the other person involving creative prospects, love, kids, or recreation. Mars gets into the picture mid-day asking for an adjustment at home or with family, a parent, roommate, move, renovation, or real estate deal so you will need to be in the moment with your actions or reactions and dive in.

The week ahead for CANCER: MONDAY will begin to build your emotions towards tomorrows Full Moon so expect that needs you have over financial matters, sex, divorce, or reproduction will be front and center. Today this means dealing with limits, issues, or serious commitments involving the kids, lover or creative flow. You will also be fielding the Venus/Neptune inconjunct which will point out any love or income needs at home or...(read more)

The week ahead for LEO: MONDAY will bring emotions around partners, reps, clients, specialists, or the competition and get you serious about home, real estate needs, family, moves, renovations, roommates, or your security needs. You may feel pushed to make commitments, deal with issues or end something. These key relationships are where things will peak tomorrow under the Full Moon so look at what is amplifying...(read more)

WEDNESDAY is bringing Jupiter in full force so what you are doing today at home, with real estate, family, parents, roommates, moves, or security needs is definitely BIG. There is a positive flow to Chiron from Jupiter so the wound is opened here and you are given a chance to heal something. Jupiter squares Uranus so there is something shocking or changing in the moment. You may have an accident, deal with electrical issues or have some ego or bodily issue arise that interferes with efforts going on but Jupiter is on protective mode so just be ready for things to go a bit out of the norm at some point. The Pisces Moon is opening things up for you today behind the scenes, on Karmic levels, and with your artistry, spirituality, romantic private needs, hospital matters, or research. This as well pulls to Jupiter and helps soothe the growth of the day.

The week ahead for VIRGO: MONDAY brings a serious bit of news or points out any limits, ambitions, endings, or commitments through talks, meetings, agreements, sales, writing, or short trips. This is going to bring up emotions over work, co-workers, paperwork, employees, health matters, or pets and ask that you work something out. Emotions are building to tomorrows Full Moon in these areas so do what you can regarding...(read more)

THURSDAY continues on in the Pisces Moon energy so you are emotionally involved in what is going on behind the scenes and quite active at home, with the real estate, family, roommate, move, renovation, or security needs. The Sun enters Virgo today and we begin a 30 day cycle that is focused on pouring more personal or physical efforts into our work, health or animals. Being of service takes precedent and tackling paperwork, organizing, tending to details, and making lists takes over.

The week ahead for LIBRA: MONDAY has a strong emotional flow around your creative needs, recreational prospects, love life, or the kids. This energy is building to tomorrows Full Moon here so look at any issues you have today involving the income, purchases, possessions, or being valued and see what can be done about limits, endings, commitments, ambitions, or structure. Venus and Neptune inconjunct so you must deal with...(read more)

The week ahead for SCORPIO: MONDAY is about emotional needs you have and what is going on at home, with a move, renovation, real estate deal, the family, a parent, your roommates, or your sense of security. It's important to get real about what you can limit, end, commit to, or get ambitious about here since it is building towards tomorrow's Full Moon. The Venus/Neptune inconjunct speaks of making an...(read more)

This is followed by Mercury entering Virgo on FRIDAY. Mercury will add more talks, news, offers, sales, agreements, writing, short trips, local activities, and decisions regarding the job, organizing, paperwork, co-workers, employees, health, pets, and services. Your thoughts are now on these subjects more strongly than other times of the year so you can put some critical thinking to your advantage. Aries Moon is in charge of emotions today so everyone has their own concerns to deal with. These may be a bit intense and driven as obstacles must be overcome in your sex life, with the divorce or over financial matters. Hopefully you made your adjustments count on Monday with that partner, rep, client, or opponent because starting today you are one on one with them over the love or money issues and goals that are shared.

The week ahead for SAGITTARIUS: MONDAY is about serious ambitions, commitments, endings, or limits involving something going on behind the scenes, with the arts, romance, spiritual pursuit, hospital, addiction, research, or development. Venus adjusts to Neptune so you need to adjust with the friend, group, social networking, internet, astrology, charity, or aspiration and what you are doing about home, family, a...(read more)

SATURDAY Venus squares Pluto and you are either in an all out power struggle with that partner, rep, client, specialist, opponent, or other player or there is something intense going on sexually or financially where you are working some scenario to make powerful changes and reach goals. Today you must deal with the third party situations. If you have obsessional feelings or are dealing with an obsessive person, it is Pluto and you are advised to be cautious about confrontations and to stay out of dangerous places. The good thing about Venus/Pluto aspects is that they will focus you sharply on money or love/sex in powerful ways. The Sun and Mercury get together today at the same degree so there is a moment when the talks and decisions bring you to the table to put your name on some agreement or paperwork or to get you physically there on the job, with the health concern or commitment, or over the animals.

The week ahead for CAPRICORN: MONDAY pushes you to deal with income, possessions or purchases and the emotional energy here is building towards tomorrow's Full Moon so do what you can to set limits, mark endings, make commitments, or further ambitions when it comes to the friend, group, associate, internet, social networking, gathering, astrology, or charity and any original ideas or independent needs. Venus...(read more)

The week ahead for AQUARIUS: MONDAY is bringing any personal or physical needs to the table regarding your career, a personal goal, the boss, parent, judge, or other authority, or an achievement you have in mind. It's important to look at limits, endings, commitments, ambitions, and structuring things in this today as things are building to the Full Moon tomorrow. The Venus/Neptune inconjunct is asking that you make an...(read more)

SUNDAY brings an emotional pull around being valued, making money, dealing with possessions, or making purchases. You are in good standing when it comes to information or decisions tied to work, health or pets today but will have to face something involving another person and their control issues, mortality, financial situation, sexual needs or issues, reproductive matters, or divorce. The Mercury/Neptune opposition brings you into talks or decisions with another person over a health/hospital issue or something involving work and what is in development. Karmic relationships are emphasized in this and a balance demanded. Some things may not be clear so take care when committing yourself to anything just yet. On a positive note, the Neptune influence can be quite inspiring for the artistically inclined out there so put pen to paper or record your ideas, you may come upon an inspiration! The other potential for this combo is a secret meeting or pact with someone. This may be all well and good but note that it will not remain secret for the endurance. For those of you ready to delve into your own chart more deeply you can email Zoe for rates and available dates for a private reading at zoemoonastrology@gmail.com

The week ahead for PISCES: MONDAY is about the emotional build-up to tomorrow's Full Moon and will be focusing in on something going on behind closed doors, that is Karmic by nature, has some foothold in film, music or the arts, spiritual practices, romantic interludes, hospitals, addictions, retreat, rest, recuperation, research, investigations, or development. As you field your feelings here today it's important to get...(read more)

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