zoe moon astrologyNew Moon energy takes us into the week ahead but not without one issue on the table that you really need to get serious about. There is a tense square between Venus and Saturn kicking us into the week and emitting pressure to get real and either set some limits, commit to something or end things in that Scorpio part of our lives. This means that you have a real chance to get some momentum if you are willing to put your nose to the grindstone over the loan, debt, inheritance, insurance, taxes, settlement, investment, commissions, royalties, alimony, child support, bankruptcy, partner's money, divorce, or something involving your sex life or reproductive needs. With Venus in the sign of the NEW MOON there is an urge and a surge from the universe to move you to the next level of your aspirations and it has something to do with a woman, your love life or your personal income (maybe all of the above).

The week ahead for Aries: Make it your goal this week to figure out what you can do about the big

Do yourself a favor and look clearly at any obstacles you see and then make a plan, get disciplined and do what you can to structure things in a way that can help you achieve your goals here up ahead. The momentum is also in the area of friends and groups, the internet, astrology, charities, originality, invention, genius, innovation, and personal freedom.

The week ahead for Taurus: Make it your goal this week do tackle that serious matter with your

Monday the Pisces Moon will give you inspiration and motivation behind the scenes. It's a good day for giving your imagination the green light. There is potential to find some solutions through research or investigations, to have some private commitments or to move your artistic, spiritual, or institutional goals ahead. If you are up for a secret tryst the day calls to you as well.

The week ahead for Gemini: Make the week about getting serious when it comes to your work or

Tuesday is going to align powerfully with news or offers that favor your efforts or needs with the financial matter, sexual interest, divorce, or reproductive need. It may also be about talks or meetings you have over these subjects, writing or agreements you tend to, sales tied into these themes, local activities or short trips that focus here, or a decision you are making that changes things for the better. Communicate!

The week ahead for Cancer: Make this week THE week to get real about what is going on with a

Wednesday Aries Moon takes over so you get a more self-oriented day where your physical activities and ego needs take center stage. You will be aligned with lots of positive energy out in your local scene and in talks but you will have an adjustment to make involving that financial, sexual or divorce need and the powers that be are not exactly cooperating or the goal seems challenged on some level.

The week ahead for Leo: Make the week ahead about dealing with any limits, restrictions, ambitions,

Happy Valentine's Day :) Thursday brings you back to your aspirations and what you can do with those dreams of yours. There are positive alignments helping you to find ways forward with friends, groups, online, through astrology, charities, social networking, parties, events, and originality. If you don't have a special someone this year the energy is beautifully aligned for sharing the love with your friends so let them know how much they mean to you! Don't forget to pop by the show tonight for some special Valentine's insight from Zoe 8pm eastern/ 5pm pacific.

The week ahead for Virgo: Make the week about getting serious in your talks or meetings, with

Friday Taurus Moon takes over and income or possessions will become more the focus. The day has opportunities to earn through imaginative interests or strategies, research, or what you are developing. Mars dances with Pluto so powerful, powerful change and movement are slated. Set a goal and get ready to go for it!

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