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How rare is the week ahead? Those of you that listen to my radio show heard me talk about this opportunity already, we have a triple conjunction occurring for the first time in our lifetimes in the sign of Pisces between Mercury, Mars and Neptune. It means that in this week ahead the single most important thing you can do for your future is to make a decision and act upon it.

February for Aries: February highlights two parts of your life; the side that

The Neptune/Piscean energy brings Karmic past life momentum behind your ideas, decisions, talks, meetings, writing, agreements, sales, local activities, offers, proposals, pitches, and your actions or reactions. There is a special flow around endings and new beginnings involving Karmic balance, addictions, hospitals, prisons, isolation, secrets, clandestine romance, film, music, art, poetry, dance, magic, psychic interests, dreams, research, investigations, strategies, and projects you are developing.

February for Taurus: February will pull you in two distinct directions Taurus. One will be to

Visualize it, say it out loud, act upon it, go for it!

February for Gemini: February will focus you in on two different areas of life; your career

Monday and Tuesday the Sagittarius Moon will flavor all of this with more needs around legal matters, education, media, marketing, publishing, weddings, politics, religion, or travel plans. Push it on Monday and get past that obstacle. Align these interests with your aspirations, friends, group activities, the internet, astrology, or charities both days for positive results.

February for Cancer: February is bound to get your focused on more inspiration and

Wednesday and Thursday the triple conjunction continues to inspire but the Moon moves into Capricorn and you will become more goal oriented, focusing on career or ambitions, dealing with authority figures, pursuing fame, tending to reputation, or focusing in on achievements. Both days hold amazing opportunity if you are proactive. Social activities and aspirations continue to move ahead favorably as well.

February for Leo: Expect February to lead you in two important directions Leo: You will be

Friday the Aquarius Moon takes over and the triple conjunction winds up on Mercury and Mars' embrace. This will bring emotional needs around feeling unique, doing things in your own way, detachment or freedom, more social interactions, online interests, charities, astrology, or events, and the pursuit of aspirations. Make this week count!

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