zoe moon astrologyPrepare for some heady stuff careening into the week ahead. After much soul searching and releasing, lots of questions and backtracking, the gods of the pantheon gather to open the doors. Now the question is, are you willing to walk through them? Perhaps we should moon walk into them with respect to the Retrograde but enter them we should.

The week ahead for Aries: With a little over 2 weeks left of major Piscean energy it will be this week that sets things in motion to open the doors when the New Moon arrives here next week. Knowing this it becomes important that you

Monday kicks this off with the Mercury Retrograde Mid-point, a turning point for you in what you've been reconsidering. The truly important question in all of this on a practical level will be are you comfortable with the way your Karmic situation is playing out? If so is there anything affecting the art, spiritual pursuit, romance, research, addiction, or hospital need that requires you do something about the legal side of things, the travel plans or distance between you, the media, marketing or publishing aspect, any educational needs, or the wedding plans?

The week ahead for Taurus: So much concordance of Piscean energy wrapped around everything you are doing in the next 2 plus weeks means you truly need to work this week ahead with all you've got so that you are ready to move ahead with the New Moon coming in this territory. Find time to access your aspirations, what do you want out of

Consider that you will be tackling those particular set of questions on Monday AND Tuesday. Technically it will likely be about decisions and information on Monday and taking action on it by Tuesday but you get the idea. If you want more then you need to ask for more and do more, the time is now.

The week ahead for Gemini: Yes all this emotional Karmic energy has been intense but in the week ahead you get real opportunity to make some progress with any past issues or opportunities so that you are ready when the New Moon kicks in next week and fresh starts are opening. Because of this make sure you

Wednesday through Friday bring real opportunities to cement something and make positive changes with those artistic projects, spiritual interests, clandestine romances, hospitals, other institutions, research projects, investigations, addictions, or behind the scenes development. Look to financial interests, your sex life, divorce, and goals, ambitions, career, or dealings with authority figures. This could mean combinations such as the financial picture aligning with the artistic project, romance meeting sexual attractions and working out triangles or reaching goals, your divorce, settlement and strategies aligning, hospitals and deep transformation aligning, etc. It's important to talk or meet about these topics, look seriously at choices and choose. With the primary planets aiding your ascent being Saturn and Pluto this week, know that you may need to bite the bullet and deconstruct certain situations or relationships so that you may rebuild upon the ashes, rising like the proverbial phoenix from the New Moon onward next week. If this sounds like where you find yourself, trust your gut and know that the cosmos is helping you transform, evolve and make the changes so the way is clear. The doors are open!

The week ahead for Cancer: Things are compiling this week in one or more of these areas for you Cancer: legal matters, media, marketing, publishing, higher education, weddings, travel, foreign interests, politics, or religion. You have just a bit over 2 more weeks with a heavy influence in these areas but it is this week that

Friday brings an added influence of social energy to bear so you may find time for friends, parties, group activities, the internet, astrology, and charities today as well as continue with the above mentioned themes. Any snags you hit with divorce, the finances or sex life today should align again by Sunday. Today's big aspect is the alignment between Saturn and Pluto. When you consider it took Saturn about 29 years to get here then you realize it marks a major turning point as well as an opportunity for you. The planets are in mutual reception meaning that they are in each others signs so they can be switched out for each other, empowering the Scorpio and Capricorn part of your chart. That breaks down to what you've been working towards all week, serious commitments, endings, structures, limits, ambitions, working through triangles, empowering your situation, making changes, evolving, aiming all of this at the goals you hold dear, your career, dealing with authority figures, the big financial picture, a divorce, or your sex life!

The week ahead for Leo: All that energy gearing things up around your big financial need, divorce or sex life comes swirling into play this week as doors open wide and you find that you can finesse things, work on past interests or issues here, reclaiming or releasing as you go. It's important that you

Saturday and Sunday will bring the Pisces Moon into the mix and again the added emotional nature of the gathering in the heavens will tip you towards more emotional purging, connecting and a deep well of feeling. Set Saturday aside for dreaming, getting inspired, sharing ideas, writing, thinking about agreements and decisions, long baths, walks in nature, listening to or playing music, painting, throwing yourself into film, holing up with your secret lover, tackling those hospital matters, or researching. It's a day to ask the big questions.

The week ahead for Virgo: You are well aware of how important the key relationships are in your life right now as you continue through the massive build-up of energy here but this week it becomes clear how significant the opportunities are to trowel through any past issues, opportunities, and really reclaim things for yourself or

Sunday is daylight savings time in the states, turn your clock ahead an hour. The day will bring an inspiring idea or bit of news, or information that changes things. The mind and the One Mind are aligned, if ever you wanted to meditate on the core, today is the day. Look for more serious commitments and endings, powerful changes, goals being reached, and amplified energy around sexual chemistry, divorce or financial matters. I doubt you will be quite the same at the end of this week as you were when you started out. Remember that next week the New Moon push takes you forward and it is built on the work you do this week.

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