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We have a whole lot of personal energy kicking up in the week ahead as we continue to push ahead with that Virgo New Moon work and health direction. This means another active, dynamic period of action and decisions.

The week ahead for ARIES: It's time to meet and talk with those specialists, partners, reps, clients, or competitors starting on MONDAY. You have 20 days to get it right so look at decisions, writing, sales, agreements, or ideas involving these people. Today there will be some issue popping up involving intense changes, financial matters, sex, reproduction, divorce, or control and push you a bit where love, creativity, kids, or...(read more)

MONDAY the emotional energy is in Scorpio so needs for intimacy, deeper understanding, financial agreement, divorce momentum, or third party matters will be pushing just about everyone. It's frictional and involves what is occurring in the love life, with the kids, any creative projects, or recreational needs. Expect to have to push and motivate and don't let limits or 'no's' get you too down, it's par for the course today and there to show you just what still needs to be handled.

The week ahead for TAURUS: MONDAY opens things up on a new level with work, organization, paperwork, health, and pets, and this trend will last 20 days! It is going to bring more ideas, offers, news, talks, meetings, writing, agreements, sales, short trips, and decisions about these matters so pick up the phone, write the email, send out the resume, you get the idea. Expect some issues or added motivation today via the partner,...(read more)

Mercury moves into Libra on MONDAY and will amp up the talks, offers, proposals, agreements, sales, short trips, ideas, meetings, and decisions involving partners, reps, clients, specialists, competitors, and other key people over the next 20 days. It will be about seeking balance or justice with or through others and with this shift today you may get a clue as to what these next 20 days will involve and who that person is going to be.

The week ahead for GEMINI: MONDAY begins a trend of meetings and talks that will turn your focus towards falling in love or the needs of your lover, your creative projects and ideas, recreational pursuits, and what you want for children. This trend will last 20 days and will open up communications, meetings, writing, agreements, offers, proposals, sales, short trips, local activities, and decisions for you over these subjects. Expect the...(read more)

TUESDAY that Scorpio Moon energy aligns with some powerful opportunities for change and evolution. Get yourself into the financial matter that needs your attention, deal with divorce issues, get closer to someone intimately, or work through third parties. The good stuff will play out at home or around real estate deals, moves, renovations, family, parents, roommates, work, organizing, health, pets, and paperwork.

The week ahead for CANCER: MONDAY information and decisions will begin to amp up over home matters, real estate deals, renovations, moves, roommates, family, or parents and this trend will last 20 days. It is your cue to have those discussions, make choices, meet, write things up, make agreements, sales, or get more active locally. Siblings, neighbors, vehicles, and electronics, may play a part in what is going on here as...(read more)

WEDNESDAY sees Venus moving into Scorpio where she will begin to help smooth things out for you in the financial arena, with the divorce or in your sex life. A woman may be arriving on the scene that is beneficial to you in one or more of these areas or you may find that the love if flowing or the income is flowering now through shared interests here. Venus will travel here through October 7th so enjoy the trend while it lasts!

The week ahead for LEO: MONDAY kicks off a new thinking period when ideas are at a premium for you and when offers may finally begin to pour in. Mercury is opening up this and the potential for sales, agreements, meetings, pitches, proposals, talks, short trips, local activities, dealing with vehicles, electronics, neighbors, siblings, and making decisions count. The trend lasts 20 days so get busy. The other energy at work...(read more)

There are adjustments required on WEDNESDAY that will involve your lovers, kids, creative projects, partners, agents, attorneys, clients, competitors, opponents, or other key relationships. Do some give and take when it comes to the goals or power people and to what is going on behind the scenes. You should be able to broach the legal, travel, educational, wedding, or media interest with this person at some point.

The week ahead for VIRGO: MONDAY opens up a 20 day influence that is going to supercharge your talks, meetings, agreements, sales, writing, short trips, local activities, offers, and decisions regarding earned income, possessions and purchases. This may bring interests around siblings, neighbors, vehicles, and electronics that tie into your earnings, possessions or purchases as well. Open up the dialogue! Today there is another energy...(read more)

THURSDAY those legal, travel, educational, media, marketing, publishing, or wedding interests will be front and center. Today this will mean some adjustments at home or with real estate, moves, renovations, family, parents, roommates, or security needs and exactly what you need to show up for on the job or with work details, organization, health concerns or interests, or the pets. Tune in tonight for the Zoe Moon Astrology Show at 8pm eastern/ 5pm pacific!

The week ahead for LIBRA: MONDAY brings Mercury into your sign where he will travel for the next 20 days opening up the talks, offers, agreements, sales, writing, ideas, meetings, short trips, local activities, and decisions that revolve around you. This means you should focus on what you would like to do for yourself, your image, body, brand, identity, name, or personal goals, and then communicate it or put these other...(read more)

FRIDAY is either goal oriented or all about career, the boss, parents, or other authority figures. Set goals high whatever they are since there is quite a bit of opportunity for you to achieve in the areas of finances, sex, divorce, or shared resources and the arts, spiritual practices, romantic getaways, hospitals, retreats, investigations, research, or development. There is one challenge today in talks or news involving partners, reps, clients, specialists, opponents, or other relationships so keep the focus on what you can achieve.

The week ahead for SCORPIO: Mercury enters the mystic on MONDAY for your sign and stays there for the next 20 days. This means ideas, offers, agreements, talks, meetings, sales, writing, short trips, local activities, and decisions will spin around behind the scenes activities, secrets, development, research, clandestine romantic time, spiritual practices, art, music, film, hospitals, addictions, prisons, retreat, and imagination. Choosing to...(read more)

SATURDAY those goals, career matters or authority figures are part of the Grand Cross so there will be more action, passion and motivation going on here. Mercury squaring Pluto is going to amp this up big time and involve at least one very powerful conversation, meeting, decision, agreement, sale, or offer involving the partner, rep, client, opponent, or other key person. Expect this to be controlling, obsessional, manipulative, and frustrating, or sexy, passionate, intense, and steamy.

The week ahead for SAGITTARIUS: MONDAY opens up more invitations, meetings, talks, ideas, offers, sales, agreements, local activity, and short trips that will involve your aspirations or your friends, groups, social networking, parties, events, internet interests, astrology, or charities. This trend lasts 20 days so open up! Today there is action on a legal, travel, educational, media, or wedding matter that may frustrate or mean dealing with...(read more)

Some adjustments arrive on SATURDAY around what's going on behind the scenes, with institutions, art, romance, spiritual pursuits, research, or retreat and will push things with the lover, kids, creative project, or recreational plans. Venus does get involved to help bring some love or money flow around that intense connection.

The week ahead for CAPRICORN: MONDAY the communications and ideas energy turns to career, goals, achievements, recognition, fame, the boss, parent, and other authority figures in your life. This will amp up talks, meetings, ideas, offers, sales, agreements, writing, local activities, short trips, and decisions about these matters for the next 20 days so get in there and brew up those ideas. Today there is intense energy around what you...(read more)

SUNDAY may be a bit challenging. Social energy takes over which should be fun for friends, groups, the internet, and gatherings but this energy is squared by Venus and Saturn in Scorpio so issues involving finances, control, manipulation, love, sex, divorce, and limits will infringe somehow. It may be you must focus on these serious topics to the distraction of social needs or that you are having some issue with a friend or aspiration, etc.

The week ahead for AQUARIUS: MONDAY the news, offers, agreements, meetings, talks, sales, or decisions start to open up around legal matters, travel plans, weddings, educational pursuits, media, marketing, or publishing deals, and your sense of adventure. This trend lasts 20 days and is your cue to communicate needs and choose your course! There is amped up energy today over a partner, rep, client, specialist, competitor, or other...(read more)

To make matters a bit more sensitive on SUNDAY, Mercury will inconjunct Chiron so talks, news, thinking, or decisions involving partners, reps, clients, specialists, competitors, opponents, or others will be adjusting around wounds/the need for healing and what is going on behind closed doors. You may do best by excepting limitations and staying focused on what is possible rather than stressing over what is not occurring yet today. If you are ready to look into more detail with your own unique chart email zoemoonastrology@gmail.com for available dates and rates for a private reading with Zoe!

The week ahead for PISCES: MONDAY opens up a new trend of talks, meetings, agreements, sales, writing, short trips, local activities, offers, and decisions that will focus more on your sex life, reproductive needs, divorce, loans, settlements, inheritance, bankruptcy, insurance, taxes, investments, commissions, alimony, child support, or other outside financial interests. You have 20 days from now to open up the dialogue and...(read more)

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