How to help your kids appreciate Veterans Day

You can help your child develop his or her patriotism by giving them creative ways to celebrate Veterans Day. Children bring their brand of appreciation to this day without even realizing how much their appreciation means to the people around them. As parents, we also need to demonstrate our own patriotism and appreciation for the sacrifices our veterans have made. Helping our children to celebrate Veterans Day is just one way we can serve as positive models for our children. Don't let this day pass without your children understanding how important it is.

Give thanks.

My son has a very close bond with his paternal grandfather. Part of the reason my son respects him so much is because his grandfather served in the Army during Vietnam. As a result, every year my son does at least the minimum by calling his grandfather and thanking him not for being a grandfather, but for being a member of the armed forces. Take a few minutes out of your day and have your child call a veteran you know to thank them for all that they have done.

Visit a Veterans Hospital. There are plenty of veterans who don't get any visitors at all. Why not bring some cheer to a veteran on Veteran's Day by bringing your child to visit? You might also take some supplies to donate to veterans who don't have relatives or friends to help out. Things like books, socks, magazines or puzzles can be most welcome for someone who wasn't expecting such things.

Go to a local event. Some areas hold parades on Veteran's Day. Take your child to a parade, but be sure to explain to them why the parade is being held so that they can understand what's going on instead of just showing up without knowing the reason for the parade.

Use patriotism as the theme of the day. You can bake cupcakes and decorate them with red, white and blue. You might even deliver those to a Veterans Hospital. Or, get creative and make up "rations" for the day so that your child can have a small experience that relates to how those in the armed forces live. You can also do fun things like set the kids on a "mission" to find things. To reinforce the theme, make the things they find relate to Veterans Day. You can use movies, books, army toys or other such items that will make them remember this day and want to celebrate it. At the very least, thank a veteran and maybe even show your respect by saluting them.

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