Helpful Dating Tips for Shy Women

Dating isn't easy, and if you're a bashful gal, then it can be even more difficult to put yourself out there and meet that someone special. How do you approach a guy when you feel tongue-tied or like you need to hide in the corner of the room? I recently met up with body language expert and contributor Jared Sais to learn how you can break free from your wall-flower ways. Check out his top five tips below.

1. Get out of your own head: "If you're thinking too much about what others are thinking about you, you're not watching for flirting cues," he explains. Be conscious of those around you and pay attention to body language -- including your own. Sais reminds us that men will run for the hills if you give off negative vibes. "Don't sit in a dark area, fold your arms across your body, have your back to people or avoid eye contact." Present yourself in a positive and inviting fashion, and men will be flocking to you.

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2. Pull a Broadway: Sais isn't suggesting you start singing your favorite show tunes, but rather, he encourages you to put on the guise of an extrovert when it's show time. "It may be an act, but if playing a role makes it more fun and less stressful to talk to others, I say go for it," he says. "This is a quick fix to the issue you might be having. It can get the job done but won't make you more extroverted with time." Show your date that you can be confident, even if you might not really have as much oomph as you're putting out there.

3. Take baby steps: "Slow and steady wins the race," the body language expert points out. "Before going out or meeting someone new, try talking to as many people as possible, both people you know and don't. It can even be quick hellos as you pass someone on the street. It's important to get used to talking to people we don't know and to see that there is no difference between talking to a stranger and a friend." Warm up your vocal cords and trigger that social butterfly hiding inside.

4. Speak up: "An easy way to seem less introverted is to just speak up. If you know what you want, don't be scared to say it proudly, loudly and clearly." Turn up the volume and chat it up. You have good things to say, so let them out!

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5. Understand the benefits of being introverted: "I always tell people the greatest skill one can have is to 'know thy self,'" says Sais. "You'll get a sense of your strengths and weaknesses." The next important step is to play up those positive qualities. If you're shy and timid, think of yourself as a great listener.

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