The 6 Essential Cooking Tools You Need for the Holidays

Photo by Zach DeSartPhoto by Zach DeSartBy Mary Frances-Heck, Bon Appétit

No need to splash out for a whole new batterie de cuisine to prepare your T-Day spread. If you own these six items, you have the tools to cook holiday meals for years to come.

1. Large, deep roasting pan This workhorse isn't just for turkey. Use it all year for roasts and lasagnas. Solid handles are key.

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2. Large heavy saucepan Use it to cook roux and simmer gravy; also great for cranberry sauce and sides like creamed peas and onions.

3. Rimmed baking sheet Have several on hand for organizing ingredients, placing under bubbling casseroles, and roasting vegetables.

4. Large heavy skillet Ideal for sautéing mirepoix and browning bacon. We love cast iron, which can go from stove-top to oven.

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5. Large pot This kitchen stalwart is best used for boiling potatoes, steaming vegetables, and simmering stock.

6. Pie dish When not hosting a buttery crust and pumpkin purée, it does double duty as a casserole or gratin dish.

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