6 Stylish Christmas Stockings Santa Will Love Stuffing (& You'll Love Hanging!)

christmas stockingchristmas stockingChristmas stockings are lots of things -- cute, sentimental, necessary -- but stylish usually isn't one of those things. Most of the time, at least. I went on an Internet quest recently to find my daughter a stocking for her very first Christmas, and it turns out -- there actually are a fair amount of non-cheesy, chic, stylish stockings out there. Who knew?

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If you're in need of a stocking this year -- or, hey, even if you're not -- here are 6 super stylish Christmas stockings for your super-stylish self. Happy shopping, friends.

Image via Cherished Vintage

Free People Christmas Stocking, $68Free People Christmas Stocking, $68
Free People Christmas Stocking, $68

Anthropologie Loomed & Loomed Stocking, $48Anthropologie Loomed & Loomed Stocking, $48
Anthropologie Loomed & Loomed Stocking, $48

Cherished Vintage Stockings, $25Cherished Vintage Stockings, $25
Cherished Vintage Stockings, $25

Plum Cushion Stocking, $90

Plum Cushion Stocking, $90

DIY Martha Stewart Stocking

DIY Martha Stewart Stocking

Personalized Stocking, $29.95

Personalized Stocking, $29.95

Written by Nicole Fabian-Weber on CafeMom's blog, The Stir.

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