Holiday gift guide: Gift ideas for beauty queens

Cosmetics, nail polish, skincare and more

Gift your beauty queen with the best of the best this holiday. From nail polish to skin care products to lip gloss and beyond, we've got you covered. These aren't just ho-hum products you can find anywhere, either. Below are original gift ideas that'll suit your Beauty Queen just fine.

Spirit Beauty Lounge's Acquarella Safe, Healthy Nails Kit

Thanks to Spirit Beauty Lounge's Acquarella nail kit, you can now give your beauty queen the gift of gorgeous nails. And, as a bonus, this kit makes use of non-toxic, water based nail polish colors. You know that that means? It means that, in addition to looking lovely, her nails will be healthy, too. And don't let healthy nail polish scare you off -- each nail polish is salon quality and has some boast-worthy staying power.

The set, which retails for $39.99, comes with a nail polish of your choosing, the nail strengthening Acquarella Nail Conditioner, a nail buffer and nail polish remover.

Exude Lip Gloss

Adored by style and beauty know-it-all's such as Rachel Zoe, Exude Lip Gloss isn't quite like other lip glosses. First of all, it comes packaged with as much care as a 2-carat diamond in a cozy box nestled between soft fabric (making it ultra giftable). Secondly, the lip gloss comes in a lipstick-shaped Crystal Applicator that allows for perfect application every time. As for the lip gloss, it goes on smoothly and is rich in pigment.

Whether your beauty lover goes gaga over dusty pink, plum or cranberry red, she'll appreciate the luxurious vibe this lip gloss gives off (from packaging to the gloss itself). Each lip gloss retails $29 and is sold exclusively at

European Wax Center Products

Make the holidays a grand one for her with the help of the European Wax Center's product line. You won't have a hard time finding your beauty queen something useful -- or affordable -- when perusing their website. All their products are absolute must-haves for keeping body hair groomed and polished.

Products especially gift worthy include the Slow It Body Wash and Body Lotion ($20 each), a treatment that detoxifies, protects and softens body hair (making stubble less "ouchy"). She'll also find a keeper in the Ingrown Hair Serum ($25) which, as the name implies, keeps ingrown hairs at bay while calming and soothing freshly waxed and shaved skin.

Also consider gifting your beauty queen a trip to a local European Wax Center. They use organic beeswax from Paris and a 4-step waxing process that minimizes pain, swelling and redness.

Dr.'s Remedy Enriched Nail Polish

Bring salon-quality nail polish to your beauty queen with a little assistance from Dr.'s Remedy enriched nail polish. Unlike the countless nail polishes lining store shelves, Dr.'s Remedy's polish doesn't contain toxic ingredients and is enriched with natural elements such as tea tree oil, garlic bulb extract and vitamins C and E.

Their holiday collection is especially giftable and includes shades likes Ruby Red, a rich, shimmer-infused crimson; Essential Emerald, a glamorous green shade with a hint of delicate glimmer; and Resolution Red Glitter, a coppery, full-blown shimmer appropriate year-round.

Dr. Remedy's polish goes on smoothly and one coat is plenty, even with the glitter-based polishes. Within minutes the polish is hardened and the wearer can go on her merry way. Each is priced at $17 -- which seems like a lot for a nail polish -- but from the packaging to the quality to the clean ingredients used, it's worth every penny. Buy at

Bodyography's Electric Lip Slides

Give the gift of vibrant color via Bodyography's Electric Lip Slides ($19), a revolutionary hybrid of lipgloss, lip stick and lip stain that's infused with moisturizing butters and vitamin E to create the perfect pout. As the name implies, the product slides on with ease and is packed with a mighty punch of pigment. And did we mention the smell? Each has a light and fruity, candy-like fragrance.

Your beauty maven will fall in love with the splashy colors, which come in uber-trendy orange (Pulp Fiction), baby pink (Cheeky Baby), nude (Skintimacy), dark berry (Berry'd Alive), electric purple (Lip Sink) and flashy hot pink (Caught in the Act). Buy her one, two or the whole collection and watch her face light up when she unwraps the gift. Buy at

Joanna Vargas' Skincare Products

Every woman deserves a little luxury in her life. And if you're shopping for a beauty queen, you'll find that Joanna Vargas' top notch organic skincare line is about as luxurious as they come. Featured in magazines like Allure, Vogue and Elle, Joanna Vargas skincare products are worth their price. My favorite is the exfoliating mask ($75), a delicate scrub that shows immediate results, including smaller pores and a rejuvenated, livelier complexion. Plus it uses cool ingredients like volcanic ash.

Pair the mask with Joanna Vargas' Daily Serum ($85) for the perfect luxury duo gift. The daily serum incorporates ingredients such as green tea and chlorophyll (the stuff that helps plants absorb light and provide energy). It goes on lightly and creates that hard-to-obtain glow that all those Hollywood celebs seem to have.


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