Holiday gift guide for teen girls

6 gift ideas for teen and tween Girls

Aside from teen boys, teenage girls are easily one of the most difficult groups of people to shop for. After all, they're at that age where if something's not cool enough, no way, no how will they be caught dead using it. Don't stress, though -- I've got you covered!

After scouring the Internet, checking out reviews and even testing some of the products myself, I've come up with a list of 6 fool-proof gifts for teen and tween girls. The following gift ideas are hip, trendy and original enough to make the teen girl in your life eager to show off her gifts once school's back in session.

Plume Feather Hair

Feather accessories are all super on-trend, but your teenager already knew that. They've made their way into handbags, jewelry, clothing and even shoes. Now, thanks to Plume and the Plumesnap, your teen can incorporate the divalicious trend into her locks. Worn by celebs such as Glee's Dianna Agron and touted in the pages of Vogue, PlumeSnap is a must-own for anyone who likes to stand out in a crowd of boring hair.

The coolest part is that you -- or your teen -- can design her own PlumeSnap on the site's interactive design tool. Once designed and delivered, Plume snaps easily into the hair and stays there all day. Prices start at $20 at Bonus: the packaging is ultra cute!

Modify Watches

Every teen needs a good watch, but don't bore yours with a traditional, run-of-the-mill number. The Modify watch infuses tons of color into their hip designs. The best part? The Modify Watches website allows you -- or your teen -- to create his or her own personally designed watch.

First you'll choose a face, which ranges from solid colors to polka dots to a Domo design. Next, select the strap color. Prices range from $40 to $50. Either create a watch you think your teen will fancy or let her design the watch pre/post Christmas day.

X Out

Any teen will tell you that, in addition to unappealing school lunches and maintaining a solid GPA, one of the biggest stressors in life is acne. Myriad products exist and each promises smooth, blemish-free complexions, but very few actually deliver on that promise. Cue X Out, a new product by the same people who brought you the very successful Proactiv acne treatment. X Out contains 8.5 percent Benzoyl peroxide and is a 1-step washing regimen as opposed to their 3-step system.

Also, to encourage the recommended two-minute washing time, every bottle of X Out features a QR code for digitally savvy teens to scan on their smartphone. Each scan produces a new, two-minute entertaining video. Retails for $19.95 for a 30-day supply.

Effortless Extensions

It's an all too common scenario. Your teen beauty queen has been begging you for extensions for months -- maybe even a year or more -- for gorgeous hair extensions. The problem? Who wants to shell out a handful of Benjamins at the salon? Mom (or dad), I'd like to introduce you to Effortless Extensions' hair extensions. They come in six shades and various textures for a flawless hair match and are priced just right.

Each slip-on set is priced at $79.95 and, as the name indicates, promises an effortless application. The product literally slips right on -- without glues or clips -- to create insta-volume and ultra long, swoon-worthy locks. At the end of the day, Effortless Extensions slip right off.

Fruits & Passion Hand Creams and Body Souffl├ęs

Fruits & Passion is unlike other bath and body companies because of their dedication to natural ingredients. Every formula incorporates genuine plant extracts and active ingredients to create the most luxurious, incredible-smelling products.

"In our [research and design] labs, teams develop fresh, unexpected fragrances and soothing, natural formulas to delight your senses," says the company. "We continually strive to create innovative, effective new products."

Priced at $22.50 and available in various scents, Fruits & Passions body souffles are an ideal gift for your teen beauty queen. For a stocking stuffer or less expensive option, opt for one of their myriad hand creams, priced at an easy $5.

The packaging is adorable, so your teen queen is sure to fall in love with it at first glance.

Pic-A-Colour Nail Polish Set

Bring the salon to your beauty queen teen via the Pic-A-Colour "Circle of Colour" nail polish gift set. It features 18 fabulous colors trending for winter 2011/2012, including Rhapsody in Blue, Platinum, Snow Daze, Plumdelicious and All That Glitters. She'll have fun choosing a new color every week (or even day).

The set has a value of $48, but is sold as a gift set at $19.99. In addition to giving the set as a gift, you could break it down and gift the nail polishes individually as the perfect stocking stuffer. Buy it on or at drug stores near you.


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