Food Gifts for Him, from Bacon Jam to Brewing Kits

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From exotic meats like venison and wild boar to cookbooks and kitchen gear to inspire his culinary adventures, we've rounded up our favorite picks for the man in your life. While some are definite splurges, we've also included surefire stocking stuffer hits, plus everything in between.

  • Scanwiches: Sandwich devotees will appreciate Scanwiches ($20), which brings to life nearly everything between two pieces of bread through an unusual medium: the scanner. Both visually appealing and full of in-depth info, it's a surefire hit.
  • Beer-and-Pretzel Caramels: Fill his stocking with intense, complex, and salty beer-and-pretzel caramels ($10). Just make sure he shares!
  • Marble Rye Poster: Seinfeld fans (really, who isn't one?) will appreciate this graphic poster ($20) whose illustration alludes to the infamous marble rye loaf from the episode "The Rye."
  • Stuffed Hamburger Press: Let burger aficionados take things to the next level, Jucy Lucy-style, with aid from a handy stuffed burger press ($15).
  • D'Artagnan Game Meat Sampler: Give him a taste of the exotic with this game meat sampler ($150) whose contents include delicacies like wild boar tenderloin, venison and cherry sausages, and rabbit loin.
  • A Feast of Ice and Fire: The Official Game of Thrones Companion Cookbook: Game of Thrones fans will love A Feast of Ice and Fire: The Official Game of Thrones Companion Cookbook ($35), which brings to life the elaborate feasts featured throughout George R. R. Martin's epic saga.

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  • Astronaut Ice Cream: A kitschy treat, astronaut ice cream ($3) is sure to bring back childhood memories. This affordable stocking stuffer comes in flavors like neapolitan, mint chocolate chip, and cookies and cream.
  • Whisky Advent Calendar: Ditch the waxy chocolate, and count down to the holidays in style with a splurgy whisky advent calendar ($238). Its contents even include a sample of 50-year-old Scotch whisky, whose full-sized counterpart is worth over $500!
  • White House Honey Ale Brewing Kit: Home brewers will enjoy tinkering with and sipping on a frothy batch of honey ale from the official White House recipe. This patriotic brewing kit ($45) includes all the ingredients, but make sure he has the requisite equipment ($80), as well.
  • Charred & Scruffed: Adam Perry Lang's game-changing ode to the grill, Charred & Scruffed ($25), is perfect for newbies and grill-masters alike.
  • Skillet Bacon Jam: Wake up his morning routine with decadent, sweet, and salty bacon jam ($10) from the famed Skillet diner in Seattle.
  • Carbon-Steel Cleaver: A heavy-duty carbon-steel cleaver ($170) will allow the man in your life to chop through virtually anything (meat bones included) with ease.
  • Miniature Kegerator: Keep his beer chilled and fresh for up to 30 days with a countertop kegerator ($150) that is formatted to work with miniature Heineken and Newcastle Brown Ale kegs.

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