Is it OK to Give Homemade Gifts?

Illustrations By Lauren FriedmanIllustrations By Lauren FriedmanJean Godfrey-June, Lucky magazine

Q: Am I cheap to give homemade gifts for the holidays? Like jams and breads from scratch? -@akstylemyway

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A: Dear @akstylemyway,

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Time, anybody will tell you, is worth more than money. So giving something you've made is the opposite of cheap! There's nothing better, for both giver and receiver. One family I know does a secret-Santa-type thing where they each get a name and a month to make something before the holidays. So much more fun, interesting and personal than just scrolling down some random website/aisle, looking for some item that vaguely satisfies.

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I went to the memorial service of an incredibly accomplished, brilliant, stylish person, and the thing that practically every speaker at the service brought up was how delicious this woman's pancakes were. Not to be maudlin, but make a gift and people will never forget it!

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