3 Bribes... Er, Holiday Gift Ideas to Score Your Favorite Babysitter for New Year's Eve

Want a sure-fire way to book your favorite babysitter for New Year's Eve? Get her something special for the holidays. Don't think of it as a bribe, just a friendly way to remind her why you're her favorite family-wink, wink.

Every girl loves Hello Kitty, so start with this cute Hello Kitty Jewelry Box. This jewelry box plays a sweet song, with a dancing Hello Kitty inside, and it's only $10, so you can surprise her with something special inside.

Stuck on what to put inside the jewelry box? How about some designer Marc Jacobs Silly Banz ($15)? The set of five multicolored jelly bracelets spells out the designer's name with gold-plated logo charms.

TKO Slapper WatchTKO Slapper Watch

There's more room in the jewelry box, so add this TKO Slapper Watch ($50). Not only is it fun (it slaps on any sized wrist and comes in a rainbow of colors), but it's functional, too-she'll never be late to your house!

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