5 Clever Gift Ideas for the Fitness Buff in Your Life

From smart water bottles to workout gear, we've got it all. Check out the best fitness gifts for your buff buddy, no matter where your friend decides to break a sweat.

For the Gym Snob: Reebok x Armani Active Wear

For the friend who needs to be dressed to the nines even at the gym, this collaboration between Reebok and Giorgio Armani will have her sweating in style. Croc tank, $85, Harem pant, $95, reebok.com
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For the Yogi: Yantra Mat

While lying on a bed of spikes can seem slightly intimidating, this little mat mimics an acupuncture session, with 8,820 acupressure points to improve circulation and aid the clarity and focus you often reap after meditating. $49, yantraway.com
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For the Commuter: Live Well 360 Core Bag

If it takes a plane, train, or automobile to get to your office and lunchtime is the only time you have to get a workout in, this bag makes schlepping your gear a little easier. With a compartment for shoes, jewelry, and even beauty products, you can spend your time toning up instead of rummaging through your bag looking for a hair elastic. $129, livewell360.com
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For the Klutz: Magneat Wire Manager

Avoid the embarrassment of getting tangled up on the treadmill (or even worse, tripping and falling) with this wire manager. Wrap iPod wires inside the holder and attach to your shirt for a mess-free workout. $12.90, nordicstore.net
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For Your Friend on a Budget: Bobble Filtered Water Bottle

Sure, it might be easy to hit the vending machine for a cold one, but all those bottles can start to add up. Help your friend save some bucks with this water bottle that comes with a built-in filter inside. $9.95, waterbobble.com
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