Give to the givers: Special gifts for grandparents

It's time to turn the tables on your grandparents. If they've done more than their share of spoiling you, you can return the favor with splendid gifts that will show just how much you care.

 Cotton Fleece Blankets Cotton Fleece Blankets

ChappyWraps - Cotton Fleece Blankets

A ChappyWrap woven Jacquard blanket is luxuriously cozy yet durable enough for indoor and outdoor use. It will quickly become the family's go-to favorite. Buy ChappyWraps woven cotton blankets here.

 Handcrafted Pewter Items Handcrafted Pewter Items

Crosby & Taylor - Handcrafted Pewter Items

Crosby & Taylor creates original, contemporary pewter pieces that are beautiful, quirky and usable. You'll treasure these for generations. Buy Crosby and Taylor's handcrafted pewter ware here.

 webbook webbook

Litl Web Book - webbook

The no-fuss litl appliance webbook makes it easy to do everyday internet tasks such as surfing the Web, checking e-mail and viewing photos. Buy the Litl web book simple internet computer here.

 Fire Blankets Fire Blankets

Kovenex - Fire Blankets

Kovenex fire blankets are an easy, reusable alternative to fire extinguishers. They can smother flames and protect loved ones if you have to evacuate. Buy the Kovenex fire safety blanket here.

 Traditional Multilayered Cakes Traditional Multilayered Cakes

Smith Island Baking Company - Traditional Multilayered Cakes

Maryland's official state dessert boasts layer upon layer of cake and a coat of delicious frosting, made right on Smith Island and shipped straight to you. Buy Smith Island Baking Company's Smith Island Cakes here.

 Ergonomic Garden Tools Ergonomic Garden Tools

Radius - Ergonomic Garden Tools

Ultra-light blades and an ergonomic grip make these garden tools productive and comfortable for users. You'll get more leverage with less hand stress. Buy Radius' ergonomic hand tools here.

 All Purpose Utility Cart All Purpose Utility Cart

Muller's Smart Cart - All Purpose Utility Cart

This rugged utility cart is easy to maneuver, even when it's loaded up. The frame is made of rustproof aluminum, and the seamless plastic tub is leak-proof. Buy Muller's Smart Carts here.

 Hand-Embroidered Nightgowns Hand-Embroidered Nightgowns

Haiti Projects - Hand-Embroidered Nightgowns

Nightgowns embroidered with a delicate garland of flowers are handmade by a cooperative of Haitian women who are working to lift their families out of poverty. Buy Haiti Project's embroidered nightgowns here.

 Scented Drawer Liners Scented Drawer Liners

Hammocks and High Tea - Scented Drawer Liners

Freshen up your home with these gorgeous drawer liners that put a fresh spin on traditional European imagery and tropical Caribbean designs. Buy Hammocks & High Tea's scented paper drawer liners here.

 Electric Package Opener Electric Package Opener

Zip-it - Electric Package Opener

The Zip-It Opener makes short work of a job we all dread: Opening those seemingly indestructible hard plastic clam-shell packages. Buy the Zip-it clamshell and plastic package opener here.

 Gutter Cleaning Robot Gutter Cleaning Robot

iRobot Looj - Gutter Cleaning Robot

Make short work of this dirty job. This mighty little gutter robot blasts away leaves and dirt. Buy iRobot Looj rain gutter cleaning tool here.

 Innovative, Safe, and Easy Hand Can Opener Innovative, Safe, and Easy Hand Can Opener

Progressive Safety Can Opener - Innovative, Safe, and Easy Hand Can Opener

Push the lever-style opener up and down a few times, and the job is done. Buy Progressive's Safety's I-can's hand held can opener here.

 Custom Kids' Art Jewelry Custom Kids' Art Jewelry

KiDoodles - Custom Kids' Art Jewelry

Beautiful, handcrafted keepsake jewelry based upon your child's imagination-it's the perfect gift! Buy KiDoodles jewelry from kid's art here.

 Ice Cleats for Walking on Ice and Snow Ice Cleats for Walking on Ice and Snow

Yaktrax Traction Devices - Ice Cleats for Walking on Ice and Snow

Stay on track in ice and snow with Yaktrax. Buy Yaktrax ice cleats for walking on ice and snow here.

 Pickle Sampler Pickle Sampler

Root Cellar Preserves - Pickle Sampler

Pickles. You either hate them, like my husband, or you inhale them, like me. If you inhale, you'll love these tasty varieties. Buy Root Cellar Preserves gourmet pickles here.

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